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NO, Brad Pitt Is NOT, Playing Bob Marley In Upcoming Film!

We Need To be More Responsible Before Posting Things On Social Media - Please Find Out If Its True Before You Hit Send Or Share

brad-pitt-bob-marleeeBrad Pitt cause quite a stir when pictures of 48-year-old actor channeling his inner Bob Marley and donning dreadlocks for one of the arty black and white shots, which included him looking like a Hollywood screen legend of yesteryear. Sneak peaks of Pitt posed as Bob Marley, James Dean and a series of other characters, for the October/November issue of Interview magazine, photo shoot, had many assuming he was going to play the reggae legend in a new movie.

The fact that Pitt, who finally made an honest woman out of actress Angelina Jolie in April, does in fact have a new movie coming out in November called, Killing Them Softly, had a few Rasta feeling disrespected and posting video to show their disapproval on YouTube. A friend of mine shared a post from a from Voice Newspaper’s Facebook page, which read, “Brad Pitt to ‘play’ Bob Marley in a new upcoming Bob Marley film. Sounds Interesting.” While this appeared on the Facebook page, of the UK-based publication that known as, ‘Britain’s Best Black Newspaper’ we couldn’t find any sign of it in their actually publication of website.

In the about us section on their facebook page, we found the following disclaimer,

The opinions on The Voice Facebook and Twitter pages and all other social media profiles do not necessarily reflect the views of The Voice.

So before the rumor went viral, Black Westchester wants to assure all Bob Marley fans that in our extensive research we found no proof that Brad Pitt will be playing Bob Marley in an upcoming movie and these pictures or just part of an Interview Magazine spread where the actor who known for his suspenseful roles, such as John Smith in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, paid tribute to legends of yesteryear in the October/November issue of Interview Magazine.

Our posting this was to serve two purposes,
1. Being the voice of the community, we strive to continuously reports the facts as they affect our people.
and secondly which is a person mission of mine, to encourage our people to not just take everything they read and post it all over your social media pages and forward to all your people. We need to be more responsible than that. If you see something, take a few minutes to see if its true before you share it.

Let me put it this way, if a good friend, a co-worker you trust or family member sends you something like this, you are likely to believe it because it came from someone you trust, Then you send it out to your people and they will trust it true because it came from you and they send it out and so on and so on. Yes this is a pet peeve of mine, I admit, but I decided to take my position as Editor-in-Chief to encourage our people not to believe everything you see on TV, hear or the radio or read in magazine and online sites.

Think about it, if Hollywood actually hired Brad Pitt to play Bob Marley, don’t you think every major black media outlet would be talking about it. If you see something on a small website and you can’t find it anywhere else, seriously do you think they really scooped every established black media outlet. I just want us to think before we hit send and share.

That concludes today’s rant, you will now be returned to your regularly scheduled programs already in process. Black Westchester will do everything we can to continue to bring it to you like it is and give you News With A Black Point of View


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