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Boxer Leon Spinks Hospitalized

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leon-spinks1After 18 years in the ring, boxer Leon Spinks is fighting for his life. Spinks was reportedly hospitalized for emergency abdominal surgery at a Las Vegas medical facility, and is in critical his condition due to complications, according to TMZ.

Spinks is known for the one of the biggest upsets in boxing history, beating Muhammad Ali in 1978. Mr T was his bodyguard, which right away tells you about Leon Spinks and his brief yet wildly entertaining stint as the heavyweight champion of the world

Singer Tony Orlando, a close friend of Spinks, has asked the public to pray for his friend as he is “facing the greatest fight of his life,” according to NewsOne.

Spinks’ ex-wife Betty, to whom he was married to for 16 years, claims that Spinks gave her full control over his medical decisions, although they divorced a decade ago in 2004, according to TMZ. As part of their divorce, Leon made an agreement with Betty entrusting her to make medical decisions on his behalf. Betty reportedly feels that if his health condition declines, she should be the one to call the shots over Spinks’ current wife Brenda, the gossip website reported. But Brenda said he’s on the road to recovery, according to TMZ.

Spinks had a final boxing record of 26-14-3.

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