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Congressman Jamaal Bowman Explicitly Addresses White Supremacy And Its Presence In Our Police Forces

Bowman is among those in Congress who believe Trump needs to be impeached immediately

Jamaal Bowman speaking at rally for police reform on steps of Mount Vernon City Hall, Saturday, October 17, 2020 [Black Westchester]

Newly elected Congressman Jamaal Bowman (NY-16) appeared on MSNBC Live With Ali Veshi, Saturday morning, expressing the need to impeach President Trump immediately after insurgences invaded the White House, Wednesday afternoon. In the interview Congressman Bowman explicitly addressed white supremacy and it’s presence in our police forces and looking into whether our not some of the Capitol Police were complicit.

“We need to understand white supremacists have just waged war on the United States government. So White supremacy has been around since America has been around, for 401 years…” Bowman told Veshi Saturday morning on MSNBC.

Black Westchester texted the Congressman to check and make sure he was safe Wednesday while terrorists were invading the United States Capital, he assured us he was okay.

“What we saw today was an attempted coup, performed by white supremacists, emboldened by a fascist,” Bowman responded. “Thankfully, myself and my staff are all safe. But we need action to remove Trump. Then we need to move to immediately and explicitly reconcile the our country’s history of racism.”

It’s been only a week since Bowman unseated longtime Congressman, Rep. Eliot Engel, the powerful chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, in the Democratic primary. Bowman who promised to address police corruption and systemic racism on the campaign trail, already has big plans for his time in Congress, including — as he calls it — a “third-time’s-the-charm sort of approach to reconstruction.”

“We tried it after the Civil War, but it was stopped by Klansmen and white supremacists really targeting and terrorizing black communities,” the former middle-school principal told Vox in a recent interview. “We tried it again after the civil rights movement, but that was followed by mass incarceration.”

In Bowman’s vision of a third attempt, Congress wouldn’t just study slavery reparations for Black Americans; it would actually pay them out. And Congress would also hold a series of hearings specifically on slavery’s legacy in the US and everything that has followed it: the militarism of police and institutional racism that pervades multiple aspects of American society, from housing to education to health care.

The outspoken congressman also believes the Democratic Party needs a massive makeover. He feels his party has to stop allowing the Republicans to weaponize their words, putting them on the defense. Simply put, this brother is not ya mom’s Democrat. He believes Black Lives Matter, believes in Medicare For All, and would like to see reversals of the 1994 crime bill in regards to mandatory minimums, truth-in-sentencing laws, ending life sentences and the federal death penalty.

Mr. Bowman and his colleagues in Congress confirmed President-elect Joe Biden’s win in the presidential election early Thursday morning, completing the process despite the attempt by a pro-Trump mob to derail it.


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