June 7, 2023
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BOL Chairwoman Catherine Borgia statement on BOL staffer Anand Singh’s pedophilia actions

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District Attorney Mimi Rocah’s office began looking into the matter when they became aware of Singh’s actions on Friday, April 14th

Yesterday we reported Westchester Board of Legislators (BOL) staffer Anand Singh was captured in a “to catch a predator” style YouTube video soliciting sex from a suspected underage girl in December 2022. While the video of this full operation did not become public until April 13th, we asked the questions if members on the BOL knew about Singh’s alleged sex crimes for months and appear to have taken no action until after the video surfaced.

Since our article ran, we heard from several legislators, including Majority Leader Christopher Johnson, Damon Maher, James Nolon and Tyrae Woodson-Samuel who all said they only became aware of the video and Singh’s actions after Chairwoman Borgia terminated him.

There were many like Yonkers Councilwoman Shanae Williams who released a statement accusing Johnson of knowing and covering it up and media outlets like Yonkers Ledger and Yonkers Times who reported they talked to OBL Global – whose goal it is to Obliterating Predators Globally & Educating – who stated they had interactions with the BOL and staffers months before the video was posted publicly.

On Tuesday, April 18th BOL Chairwoman Catherine Borgia releases a video statement of her own addressing the matter, where she says she immediately referred it the Department of Public Safety who was unable to substantiate that a video existed.

“When video was released, I immediately terminated the employee that day,” Borgia says in statement. “The allegations are very serious, and I referred the matter to the FBI as it involves New York State and New Jersey jurisdictions,” (see the entire video statement below).

We reached out to the District Attorney’s office as well; to see when they know and if they were investigation this display of despicable behavior.

“The District Attorney became aware on Friday, April 14, 2023 of the allegation of criminal conduct involving a Westchester County Board of Legislators employee and immediately began looking into the matter. There will be no further comment at this time,” DA Rocah’s office shared with Black Westchester.

While I thank Chairwoman Borgia for his statement, there are still many questions to be answered, like why she didn’t reach out to the District Attorney’s office. Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more on this developing story.

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