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BMe Awarded 43 Black Fathers, Entrepenuers and Businessmen $400,000 In Grants


BMe is an organization of over 12,000 men of all races, which initially began as a project of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and originally intended to get more black males positively engaged in communities. This past week they awarded 43 African-American fathers, businessmen and non-profit leaders $400,000 in grants in Akron, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Detroit.

The BMe community chose the “BME Leaders” via nominations by local residents. The leaders must be already committed to building their communities having affected and helped thousand already. Each of the men has also agreed to stand up for important values in America’s evolving dialogue on race, community and our nation’s future.

In 2013 The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation announced a $3.6 million investment in BMe.

There are millions of black men who are assets to their communities — men from all walks of life doing right by their families, professions and neighborhoods. BMe wants to engage them around the things they care about, and build community together,” said Trabian Shorters, Knight Foundation’s former vice president of communities and now founder of the independent nonprofit BMe.

BMe honored the 43 African-American fathers in a ceremony that began June 18th and ended June 27th. Since 2012, BMe has named 143 BMe Leaders in five cities, sponsored over 100 community events.

Congratulations to BMe and the grant recipients! Here at Black Westchester we celebrate organizations and the people who uplift our African-American communities!


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