Black Westchester – The Origin Story, New Book by AJ Woodson

I am happy to announce the release of my new book Black Westchester – The Origin Story, And How My Faith Was Instrumental In This Great Experiment. Here’s a Sneak peek of Front cover of my new book. To receive an autographed mailed copy for $20 simply pre order via PayPal Or CashApp $MrAJWoodson.

In many interviews – whether being interviewed or when I was interviewing others – and in conversations with organizations, advocates and perspective advertisers, people often ask how did we start Black Westchester? Everyone wanted to hear the story. Everyone wanted to know the origin story of this great experiment. This thing that became bigger than life, that was just an idea shared with me by Damon K. Jones and I added my experience and passion to. A thought shared that I quickly saw and envisioned and knew could be something special. Did I know it would catch on or would be received the way it has been, I cannot say that I did, but I knew we were on to something.

But I knew it could be something that was needed. I knew with what was going on in this place in time, it was going to be the pen to the movement. The scribe to capture the essence and report and document the moments of the movement of the times we live in. I saw that early on and I know some of those I choose to share that with thought I was talking just to be talking. I realized then, God doesn’t invite everyone to see YOUR vision, because it is YOUR vision. Once I saw the vision, once I totally envisioned it, I knew we had something even when no one but us could see it.

What I didn’t know is it would become my ministry, my mission in life, and that everything I had done to this point, everything I had experienced – good and bad – was God preparing me for this time, this project, the first non-music, non-entertainment-based project I had ever worked on.

I was inspired to write this after watching several documentaries online to unplug from my computer, the internet and anything dealing with Black Westchester. One thing I realized or was reminded is how everyone is interested in the origin story. I was reminded of how many time I told the story of how we started. How many people I’ve done business with and have come to know wanted to go out to lunch or for drinks and hear about how we got here. After watching the documentaries, I felt the need to write this and tell everyone at the same time instead of retelling the story over and over.

I also wanted and felt it was important to share how my faith was instrumental in this journey. Black Westchester is truly an example of how God can do so much with so little. The creation of Black Westchester and the journey of defining the space we are in and where we stand and what we are about has been a test of my faith. The battle of doing this for our people and continue to walk this walk and understand it did – and does – make sense even before and when it doesn’t always make dollars.

Don’t get me wrong everyone wants to be paid for what they do, and we need money to live and pay our bills. But to continue walking this walk when you do not know where the money is coming from – when the advertising wasn’t or isn’t there – to continue to walk this walk and be purposeful in your every step, walking on ridiculous faith, is something you can only do if you know that you know that you know.

I also wanted to share this so I could get it out fully and could now move on to what’s next. I mean I know it’s important to share your origin story and to reflect on the journey of how you got here. But I noticed some people just live there. They rest on their laurels and celebrate. I felt it was time to share this, where we have been and what we have done and the doors we knocked down and gone where no one thought we would and so we could continue to go where no one can see us going.

So, this is the origin story of Black Westchester and how my faith help manifest something out of nothing with the help of God. The full and unadulterated story that many have never heard, with some of my prior experiences mixed in because they prepared me to do what it is we do right now. I wanted to share this with all of you, because just like we could not have made it this far without God, we also could never made without you, all of you who read, listen, support, contribute, advertise and make donation to keep is going. This is our origin story, but this I wanted to share with all of you who have rode with us since day one and those who just begun to ride with us today!

The book will be available on Amazon but if you want an autographed copy mailed to you, you can order directly from me for $20 simply pre order via PayPal Or CashApp $MrAJWoodson. If you want to send a check email me at and I will reply with address. Thank you in advance for support this book.


At the request of my sister Nicole, I watched a video of Trevor Noah at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, she knew it would inspire me. He ended with a challenge to the press.

“As we sit here tonight people, I really hope you remember what the real purpose of this evening is really about… The reason we’re here is to honor and celebrate the Fourth Estate and what you stand for. An additional checks and balance that holds power to account and gives voice to those who otherwise wouldn’t have one. I’m not just talking about the CNNs, Fox or any other major organizations, I’m talking about everyone including the local media who are not in this room. Every single one of you, whether you like it or not is a bastion of democracy. If you ever begin to doubt your responsibilities, if you ever begin to doubt how meaningful it is, look no further that what’s happening in Ukraine. Look what’s happening there. Journalists are risking and even losing their lives to show the world what’s really happening.

You realize how amazing it is? America, you have to right to seek the truth and to speak the truth, even if that makes people in power uncomfortable. Even if it makes your viewers and your readers uncomfortable, you understand how amazing that is? I stood here tonight and made fun of the President of the United States and I’m going to be fine… Do you understand what a blessing that is? Maybe it’s happened for so long, it might slip your mind. It is a blessing. In fact, ask yourself this question. If Russian journalists who are losing their livelihoods and freedom for daring to report on what their own government is doing, if they had the freedom to write any words, to show any stories, to ask questions? If they basically had what you have, would they be using it the same way you do? Ask yourself that question every day, because you have one of the most important roles in the world.”

My sister as she often is, was exactly right. It did inspire me. So, I end this book by saying to all of you, thank you for allowing us to be your purveyors of news and information, the storytellers of our stories, agents of social change and source of Black American political power, and defenders of our collective shared values and interests. We understand the responsibility that goes with that and plan to always work our hardest to uphold that. We cannot promise to always do it the way you think we should, but we will always do our best. We understand, no we overstand the assignment and we will continue to give you The News With The Black Point Of View!!! Peace and Blessings!

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