June 3, 2023

Black Westchester Endorses Jamaal Bowman in Congressional District 16

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Black Westchester proudly announces today we are endorsing Congressman Jamaal Bowman for re-election in congressional district 16 in the August 28th Democratic Primary.

“We are proud to endorse Congressman Bowman as he runs for reelection. Our goal is to interview all the candidates – that want to be interviewed – in an effort to find the right ones who will fight and deliver for their communities, into office,” Black Westchester said in the statement.

“It is an absolute honor to be endorsed by Black Westchester, a local voice for communities who are often left out of dominant narratives,” Congressman Jamaal Bowman shared after getting the news of the endorsement. “Issues like racial and economic justice are at the heart of who I am–and what this publication represents. Thank you for believing in our campaign and acknowledging our work for this district.”

During the 2020 primaries, Bowman ran on the promise to deliver for NY-16’s most vulnerable communities.

“He ran on a platform that was focused on addressing racial justice, expanding affordable housing, a Green New Deal, Medicare For All, immigrant and women’s rights, restorative justice, a new deal for public education and for housing, LGBTQ rights, and fighting for environmental justice; issues that would most benefit vulnerable communities across New York. After watching him keep his promises in office, we are proud to endorse him now for re-election,” BW Editor-In-Chief AJ Woodson shared, “Congressman Bowman has stood for and with the people, not just gone with the status quo and has boldly and unapologetically spoken truth to power even when it wasn’t popular. Something that Black Westchester represents and encourages more of our people to do.”

He has stood with the Lincoln Avenue community leaders, advocates, and residents, and along with Sen. Schumer helped in securing Historic Nearly $12 Million Investment To Revitalize Downtown New Rochelle & Connect Communities. Stood with Sen Schumer to help bring $3 Mil to address Mount Vernon sewage crisis. He has stood advocates who marched down Pennsylvania Avenue advocating for political action on climate change. He has spoken up against senseless violence and police involved shootings and police violence in his district and has fought for healing and revitalizing schools in our district. He even stood with and was arrested alongside at least 20 others, including faith leaders and youth who have been hunger striking for our democracy, outside the U.S. Capitol Building just to name a few things he has done in his first term and why we feel he deserves to be re-elected.

“Congressman Bowmen has consistently shown his interest in all people of District 16. He has been the voice of the voiceless in Westchester in the congressional halls of Washington DC. We must keep a balance far from the usual political rhetoric we are used to hearing,” BW Publisher Damon K. Jones added.

Black Westchester proudly endorses Congressman Jamaal Bowman for re-election in the 16th Congressional district and encourages all our readers in his district to vote for him so he can continue fighting for us.

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