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Black To Business – Black Westchester’s New Black-Owned Business Section

Many people have contacted us looking for a Black Business Directory so they can patronize Black Business in Westchester County and the surrounding area. While we never officially put together a complete directory, we decided to start a new section called Black To Business. In this section, we will highlight many Black-Owned Businesses (BOBs).

While it was impossible to list every local Black-Owned Business (BOB) in our small Black Business edition of the newspaper, we reached out to the staff and several supporters and readers to let us know their favorite BOB, our goal was to as many black-owned businesses, located in Westchester County and surrounding areas for the holiday season. Our hope was our Small Business Edition of BW offersed a free listing of many Black Businesses to spend your hard own dollars.

As a small Black Business ourself, we believe it is important to our community that we support Our Businesses and recycle Our Dollars as many times as possible before it leaves the community as others do. So while we think it is very important to Our Economy to support all BOBs, Black Westchester worked hard on that issue to provide a list of businesses we suggest you check out and support.

So starting today, let get BLACK TO BUSINESS and help circulate the Black Dollar by patronizing one or more of the businesses that you find in our new Black Westchester Small Black Business section.

Black History Month has come and gone but don’t let that deter you from supporting black businesses. We do not have to wait for the holiday season or the shortest month of the year that is deemed Black History Month to celebrate and patronize Black-Owned Business, you should try to find black businesses to patronize, all year long.

We are seeing protests in all 50 states and over 20 countries after the killing of George Floyd. There are lots of ways to support the struggle against police brutality. You can donate money to a local, grassroots organization. You can join a protest if you feel you can do so safely. You can educate yourself and, if you are white, talk to other white people about racial justice. But one of the most direct and sustainable ways to support the black community is to shop at black-owned businesses, many of which have also been disproportionally affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

40% of black-owned businesses not expected to survive coronavirus

There were more than 1 million black-owned businesses in the U.S. at the beginning of February, according to research from the University of California at Santa Cruz, which drew from Census survey estimates, CBS News reports. By mid-April, 440,000 black business owners had shuttered their company for good — a 41% plunge. By comparison, 17% of white-owned businesses closed during the same period, the UC Santa Cruz research shows.

Several factors explain the high rate of closures of black-owned businesses. Perhaps most important, many lack access to bank credit, making it harder to survive financial emergencies. Many are micro-enterprises, providing a livelihood to a sole proprietor or a few employees at most. Profit margins are thin, while owners’ financial savings are often meager, making them vulnerable to sudden downturns.

Did you know there are about eight million minority-owned businesses in the United States, according to the Census Bureau? Of these, about 2.5 million are owned by African-Americans. African-American-owned firms account for about 10% of the approximately 27 million in total of U.S. businesses.

Please feel free to use the Black Westchester Black To Business section as a comprehensive shopping guide of some of the Black-Owned Businesses (BOB), personal services, and consumer goods that are all black-owned and operated in Westchester County and the surrounding area, that we feel you should know about.

We created this section of Black Westchester Magazine, you can view, share, and come back to all year round when you are about to spend your hard-earned dollars. The one thing we want you to get from our Small Business Section is “Never stop supporting black business owners.”

Make your dollars and your voice heard by supporting locally owned Black businesses.

“Black-owned businesses have long been a staple in the Black community providing jobs, economic security and somewhere for us to go and feel seen and safe,” Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said in a statement. “In these uncertain times, we need these places more than ever.”

Last year, Mother Jones reported on a study that found that the 100 richest U.S. citizens control about as much wealth as all of the nation’s 42 million African-Americans.

As we navigate this new normal that COVID-19 had created, the need to support our own businesses and recycle our dollars is more important than ever.

Once again I repeat this by no means a complete list, we will be adding and spotlighting more and more businesses as we go, but we need your help. If you are a Black Business Owner or know of a BOB that needs to be listed please email us at with the subject Black Owned Businesses and send us name, address and all contact and social media info you can provide.

Most of the businesses you will find their websites and social media in addition to address, phone numbers and email addresses so you can follow them on social media as well.

Most of the businesses will be in categories like Black-Owned Boutiques, Black-Owned Restaurants etc. etc., and will always be adding to them as we get the information so come back and check frequently. You can always find the Black To Business section under the Features Tab on the Frontpage of Black Westchester Magazine (see picture below).

Or you can always click on this link that will take you to the Black To Business section which will be full of listings, black business spotlights and interviews with Black Business owners.

So welcome to our new Black Westchester BLACK TO BUSINESS section. Prayerfully it will educate the consumer about the many businesses in the area and also lead to more business for the businesses as well. We must support our Black-Owned Businesses, especially now with the damage COVID-19 has done to small businesses and recycle our dollars and all you businesses don’t forget about us when you spend your advertising dollars hint hint.


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