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Black Responsibility: The Problem of Playing the Victim – By Helena R. Edwards

‘We Can’t Blame White People’ … ‘Blacks Are Screwed By No One Else But Themselves’ – Bill Cosby 2008

As I said previously, blacks are our own worse enemies. Many of you vilify people like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and call him all kinds of derogatory names, but I am here to tell you that you created Clarence Thomas and you continue to create many more like him.

Ambitious black children who want to make something of themselves are continuously vilified. Successful blacks are called out as Uncle Toms and race traitors. If you are black and you have some money, you must be a proxy for “whitey.” If you don’t speak jive and you don’t wear your pants hanging off your behind, you are not black.

Many of you can’t seem to get over slavery although you have never been a slave. Your parents were never slaves. Your grand parents were never slaves, but the constant hymn is what “whitey” did to the slaves.

If you were a farmer and you cultivated your land and planted acres of bananas. You invested your last dime, but a hurricane came and destroyed your entire crop, what would you do? Would you sit on your behind and complain to God about how unfair the hurricane was? Would you refuse to plant more bananas because of the possible consequences of another hurricane? Or would you get off your behind and try again?

Trying again does not mean that you will not suffer from further adversity. You may encounter pests that eat your entire crop. Life is not fair, get over it. What does slavery have to do with your own lack of personal responsibility and ambition?

How does slavery stop you from taking care of yourself and those who depend on you, especially your children? Don’t tell me the crap that Massa didn’t want you to raise your family. Massa didn’t want you to do a great many things that you now do. So give your crap to someone who lacks the ability to reason and see you for the excuse making schemer that you truly are.

Don’t go tell me anything about race loyalty. Race is a social construct and your social group focus is to pull each other down and keep them at the bottom of the ladder. I am a climber. My children are climbers. So get out of our way. I don’t care about race loyalty. I care more about my and my family’s happiness. So next time you think about criticizing Clarence Thomas just consider how you caused him to adopt the demeanor that he now has. If you keep giving people crap, one day they will turn their backs on you and never look black..

You can catch Helena R. Edwards bringing darkness to light on her blog Straight Talk In Mount Vernon


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