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Are Black Relationship Failures Keeping Strip Clubs Rich?

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It is no secret, black men in our community frequent the strip clubs. If you are not aware of this, then something is wrong with you or you just haven’t been paying much attention. Either way, this is a reality in our community and one I find interesting as I’m not the strip club type of guy.

We thought it would be interesting to explore the 7 black relationship issues that keep men in the strip club. Would love to hear your thoughts and opinion on the article after you read below.

The Woman Doesn’t Keep Herself In Shape

Relationships tend to start with both parties feeling some sort of sexual attraction to one another. Most people wouldstrippers-300x171 agree with this. However, over time if one of the partners allow their physical appearance to fall away or their physical shape, weight in check, then it can cause problems. If it is the woman, then it could lead to the man visiting the male establishments.

Men are visual creatures that enjoy looking at their lady to drive sexual arousal. This is natural, but also why women who lose their physical sex appeal might have men who visit the strip clubs.

I’m not saying the lose of shape and figure isn’t always justified, ladies. Birthing children is no joke and I completely understand it changes the body. Unless you have a man who understands this, can appreciate the change because of the beauty of child birth, then it could lead to problems and trips to the club. This is just the fact.

Men Fail To Articulate Desires To Mate

If a man doesn’t have the chops or honesty to tell their mate some of their desires, then it could lead to them frequenting the strip clubs. They may want to see their woman dancing slightly dressed in order to fulfill their fantasy, but don’t have the courage to let the woman know about it.

Sexual Chemistry Dwindles

Unfortunately, couples sometimes drift apart in the sexual chemistry area. Over time, you may find you are not compatible or don’t work together for a variety of reasons. This could lead to the men stepping out to adult establishments to fill the void.

Men No Longer Feel Desired By Their Mate

Specifically, if the male in the relationship doesn’t feel like his woman desires him, then he could go to the adult establishments to fill that void. The ladies in the clubs do a great job of making a man feel like a man. This is very important to the psyche of men even if they are only doing it for the money.

Woman Isn’t Willing To Explore In The Bedroom

If the lady in the relationship is afraid to explore in the bedroom, then it could lead to a variety of problems. One of which is the male attending male establishments. The wants and desires of men change over time and if his mate is uninterested or willing to try them, then he will seek other avenues to fill the void. Before stepping out on the relationship, he might try the adult clubs.

Woman Stresses the Man Out

If the woman is constantly stressing her man out, he may turn to the adult clubs for relaxation, stress free environment, and the company of a woman that makes him feel good. Arguments and constant nagging can drain anyone, so if you see your man shutting down and not participating in the conversations any more, he might be thinking about where he is going to go to find a release.

Man Has an Addiction

Last but not least, the male in a relationship could just have an an addition. Some men just flat out enjoy looking at women in a sexual manner as objects of fulfillment. The strip clubs are places set up to do just this and men are able to feel comfortable gawking over the talent on stage.

Overall, there are many more reasons any man might go to the strip club, but we want to hear from you.


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