June 8, 2023

Rev. Jamal Bryant Says Black Preachers That Met With Trump Are Worst Than Prostitutes

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Northwest Baltimore’s Empowerment Temple Church pastor Rev. Jamal Bryant says the group of Black Preachers who met with 2016 GOP Presidential front-runner, Donald Trump on Monday are worst than prostitutes.

During a CNN Interview, Monday night Rev. Bryant went toe-to-toe in a verbal sparring match with Pastor James Davis, who attended the meeting and is supporting Trump, said he didn’t feel pandered to. Bryant questioned whether the meeting with the billionaire real estate mogul actaully accomplished anything.

Reverend Jamal Bryant told Erin Burnett that Davis and others were just “pawns.” When questioned on likening the preachers to prostitutes, Bryant responded, “I want to apologize because prostitutes get money and the 100 that walked in there, walked away with nothing, they did it for free.” He even added, “So there’s another word for that, and I would not use that language on a family channel.” Bryant believes that the black pastors who attended are being exploited by Trump.

Davis insisted they had their voice heard plenty, dismissing Bryant’s concerns as just one of the liberal “minions” telling African-Americans who are open to non-liberal points of view to “get back on the plantation.”

He even said Bryant should “probably have his ministerial credentials revoked.”

The conversation or clashed on CNN between the two preachers can be seen in the video below. Check it out and leave your feedback in the comment section below. Also check out Bishop Couzens On Meeting With Donald Trump: ‘I Didn’t Leave With Anything I Could Stand On’

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