June 10, 2023
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Why Are Black Preachers Scared of Farrakhan & 10.10.15 “Justice or Else”?

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The spirit of Black unity on social issues is on the rise once again throughout the country surrounding the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. While this spirit is welcomed by many Blacks that have been victims of police brutality, poor educational system, economic abandonment and communities infested with crime. Unfortunately, for those who dream of Justice or Else, it has become a source of fear to those who have benefited from enjoying being part of the privileged, but have been silent of the 20th anniversary of the march.

White supremacy is still alive when you hear conservative news hosts like Bill O’Reilly, called the Black Lives Matter organization a terrorist, hate mongering group, but have labeled Ted Bundy and white militias, Libertarians because they stood up to the “Obama” government.

Now as Min. Louis Farrakhan gears up to lead thousands of blacks, Native Americans, Latinos, women, military veterans and poor whites for a march and rally in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 10, we have now seen rhetoric against Blacks and Farrakhan increase in the right-wing media, but the left-wing media has failed to even mention this upcoming historical event.

What about this march is scaring so many members of the Black clergy and the media? Three simple words seem to be causing an issue: “Justice or Else,” which is the theme for the march. The problem with many, especially with mainstream media, is the “or else” portion, or his request of 10,000 strong Black men, which has some people claiming Farrakhan is going to incite violence. This perception has been fueled by Farrakhan’s strong stance on the injustices of Black people throughout the nation.

In one speech Farrakhan speaking about the killing of the pastor in 8 church goers in South Carolina, he says, “Let them continue to kill, to live and bury our children while white folks give the killer hamburgers… Retaliation is prescribed in matters of the slave. So, if the federal government will not intercede in our affairs then we must rise up and kill those who kill us. Stop them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling,”

But Farrakhan has made it clear that he mad the call for “10,000 fearless men to go into the Black community, stand between the guns of the gangs and then settle this with conflict resolution!

The situation that Black people are in 2015 cannot be blamed on Farrakhan. He did not create this situation, but for my 25 years of listening to his speeches, he has been a constant voice on speaking out on injustice of not only Black people, but all people.

Recently, the Nation of Islam newspaper The Final Call reported that Farrakhan was scheduled to visit and speak in Charleston, SC, this week as part of his city-to-city tour promoting the upcoming march and rally and also to pay homage to those killed at Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. However, according to the article, individuals behind the scenes worked to block use of public facilities that would be used by Farrakhan to hold his speech. Churches that were approached to hold the event had stipulations. According to Farrakhan, “We went to another church to speak and they rejected me again; we went to three churches, one church was willing to let me come, but said, ‘You got to sign a paper that you not going to say nothing controversial.’”

According to The Final Call, it was Bishop Brian D. Moore of Life Central Cathedral who demanded these requirements because “He did not want to have to explain any so-called inflammatory statements after Min. Farrakhan left the city.” In response to Black pastors such as Bishop Moore, Farrakhan stated, “A scared to death preacher can’t boast in Christ. A preacher that fears the powers that are contemporary, and dismisses the power of Him who is eternally in power, is not fit to stand before the people of God…This is the time when all false men and women will be sat down.”

We have to wonder why Black clergy in Charleston are more willing to offer up forgiveness to a racist killer, Dylann Roof than to stand with a Black man called Farrakhan who is calling for justice for the Black, brown, yellow and poor white.

Despite the efforts of these Black Pastors and thank to social media. Farrakhan has delivered a message to Charleston via internet.

In order for us to have any type of unity and power to upset the oppressive power structure, we must not cower to the thought of total emancipation of true Black Unity.

To many these are harsh words, but these same words are spoken by the many youth that have taken among themselves to create Black Lives Matter. Many of our youth believe that injustice is rampant in the United States and Black people are saying “enough is enough”

This twisted mindset evokes the memory of scared Blacks who cower at the site of white-robed Klansmen and don’t want to upset the White power structure. This mindset is a one that continues to retard the emancipation of Black thought and Black unity.

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Mr M September 27, 2015 at 11:56 PM

Let the professional Mischief-Makers & Provocateurs do what they do.

It’s your turn. Be a part of History. Help make this happen.

Go to: https://justiceorelse.com/donate?id=478&n=Darrel

10.10.15 Justice…or Else!


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