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Black Lives Matter Mural Will Be Painted In Mamaroneck

Town of Greenburgh has also been considering painting a Black Lives Matter Mural on Manhattan Ave.

The village board unanimously approved the mural Tuesday less than a month after it narrowly rejected a Black Lives Matter street mural proposed for the Washingtonville section of the village. The board changed its position after further debate among trustees and advocacy from dozens of residents in favor of a mural.

The mural would either be designed inside or within the vicinity of Columbus Park or on Madison Street in the village. It’s unclear when the mural would be painted.

Cities all across New York State including, Albany, Buffalo, New York City, Harlem (on side of the Adam Clayton Powell Jr, State Building), Nyack, Oswego, Rochester, Schenectady and Syracuse begin painting their own murals as well. Despite many cities renaming and painting streets with the words Black Lives Matter there wasn’t one to be found in Westchester
County. Until late August when Yonkers led the way and became the first of the 43 municipalities of Westchester to do so.

A 372 foot Black Lives Matter mural was supposed to be painted this week on a side street in Mamaroneck, but the Village Board voted it down Monday, September 14th, reported Fox 5 New York. But the five-member Village Board decided to not allow a Black Lives Matter mural to be temporarily painted on a small side street less than a half-mile from town.

Now a Black Lives Matter mural will be painted on a village street in Mamaroneck, but where it will go remains in question. What is certain is private funds would be used for it.  

When the mural was proposed earlier this month, three trustees voted it down. They said they were concerned about a mural inviting more foot traffic to the neighborhood and about allowing political messages on public streets, reported Lohud. 

Mamaroneck Mayor Thomas Murphy, who supported both mural proposals, told The Journal News/lohud he was pleased it was approved on the second try. 

“The debate over the matter was spirited but cathartic,” Murphy said in a statement. “Hopefully it is the beginning of a process of understanding and recognizing systemic racism. The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem.”

Before giving the green light, trustees bickered over the village’s legal risk if they allowed the mural and how much involvement they should have in its creation. Murphy, frustrated by the dragging discussion, said the village should allow residents to largely plan and paint it. 

A resident of Greenburgh gave Black Westchester a tip Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner would be signing an executive order to paint Black Lives Matter on Manhattan Ave. The resident claimed that Councilwoman Gina Jackson voted against twice so Feiner jwas planning to sign an executive order. We contact Feiner for clarification and he informed BW, while he supports the painting of a Black Lives Matter Mural, he doesnt think he has to power to sign a executive order.

“I support painting black lives matter on Manhattan Ave or placing signs at municipal buildings (like Town Hall, the TDYCC, our parks),” Town Supervisor Paul Feiner shared with Black Westchester. “Think the symbolism would be positive.   I don’t think that I have the power to issue an executive order unilaterally. I think the Board will agree to take some symbolic actions. In the meantime, [Councilwoman] Gina [Jackson] is chairing a committee dealing with addressing systematic racism. Our goal is not to only symbolically take action but to come up with initiatives that the town could/should take that will improve the lives of those who have been impacted by examples of racism. Words, signs, don’t mean anything unless followed up with action steps.”

Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more on this developing story and any of municipalities of Westchester’s plans for future Black Lives Matter Murals. If you have any information on plans of BLM Murals email us at


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