May 30, 2023
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Black Lives Don’t Matter in Pelham – Your Style Of Worship Is Not Welcomed Here

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Racism Is Alive and Well in Westchester County

The Community Church of The Pelhams is trying to evict Greater Days Church lead by Pastor Ronell Fuller, located on 448 Washington Avenue in Pelham.

According to the Fullers, they have been giving them a hard time since they opened the church a year ago and are given 30 days to relocate their church anywhere outside of the village limits. Police frequently showing during service claiming they received noise complaints etc. As far as the complaints by a neighbor “Karen’ about their worship music, it’s not as loud as the Metro North train that runs regular all day and night. The church even contacted the Pelham Police Department when they were having a special service because they knew a Karen was going to call.

Please be mindful of the fact that the Community Church of the Pelhams completely respects the manner in which Greater Days Church conducts its business and worship services. The Community Church also realizes that the location of their church is not the appropriate location for Greater Days Church to freely conduct the operation of their church and worship services. I believe the recent exchange of emails supports this conclusion… Accordingly, the Community Church requests that you vacate the premises and clear out all of your personal belongings and equipment by April 30, 2023. We will be serving you with a Notice to Vacate by April 30, 2023,” Robert B. Taylor, Esq. of Van Lindt & Taylor, Esqs. said in a letter to Pastor Ronell Fuller dated March 22, 2023, with the subject Re: Occupancy Termination.

This letter can mean one or two things, the area is not zoned for a church, or this Black church is not welcomed. If the area where Greater Days Church sits is not zoned for a church as the letter suggests, why were the Fuller allowed to open their church on Washington Avenue and why did it take over a year before they were informed of that. Or do the words, ‘their church is not the appropriate location for Greater Days Church to freely conduct the operation of their church and worship service,’ translate to your styles of Black worship, your style of ministry doesn’t belong here. It’s hard to believe the Village of Pelham would have let the Fullers open their church if it that area wasn’t zone for a church.

So, I didn’t jump to any conclusion, I called attorney Robert Taylor Esq to give him a chance to explain what was meant in the letter. When I told him who I was and what I was calling about he said really, laughed and hung up the phone on this reporter. So, I guess it is safe to say this is racial discrimination and he does not care how it appears and feels no need to explain to the Black press when asked.

We reached out to the Pelham Police Department, was forwarded to a Lieutenant and told he was out of the office but if we left a message he would get back to us tomorrow. We left a message about officers showing up during worship with guns drawn.

We reached out to County Legislator Terry Clements who wasn’t aware of the situation but told Black Westchester she will look into it.

We reached out to Pelham Mayor Chance Mullen who also was unaware of the situation, was unhappy with the news and said he will call the church tomorrow and see what he can do to mediate the situation.

“This is devastating news, devastating news. I love the Greater Day Church I was there when they opened and I’m going to reach out to the church tomorrow morning to see if I can help mediate some kind of compromise here. This isn’t ultimately a government thing, but I hate to see an organization I love, the Community Church of The Pelhams and Greater Day Church, I think that was a great relationship and obviously I don’t know what I don’t know, but I’m going to see what we can do because I’d hate to lose Greater Days. I just think they’re wonderful people, Pastor Ronell is an amazing pastor. Hopefully we can resolve this situation, I really hope we can come to a peaceful resolution,” Mayor Mullen shared with Black Westchester.

The Fuller family who had the Faith Christian Assembly Church located at 237 South 6th Avenue (Bishop Dr. Jerry Fuller Avenue) – across the street from the Doles Center – fir 37 years, are well known and highly respected for their ministry and work in the community.

In front of the Greater Day Church is a big sign that says ‘Black Lives Matter,’ but we have to ask do Black Lives really Matter in the Village of Pelham. Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more on this developing story.

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