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Black Law Enforcement Organizations Announce Support For Family of Kenneth Chamberlain Fri., Nov. 11th

When: Friday, November 11, 2016, at 11 AM

Where: Federal Court House, 300 Quarropas St, White Plains, NY 10601

Please join Blacks in Law Enforcement of America, the Westchester Correction Association, the Nassau Correction Association, The National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice, Community Leaders, and Stakeholders as they voice their support for the family of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., who was a retired Correction Officer and Military Veteran.

Where there is no Justice, there is no freedom. When people lose trust in authority and those who are in charge of the authority, they lose faith in the process of the system of Justice that has been their right through the Constitution of the United States.

As Black Law Enforcement Professionals, we recognize that questionable police shootings of Black men in Westchester County has been an unacceptable occurrence without any accountability.

The Chamberlain family has looked to the Justice System to no avail when Judge Cathy Siebel has chosen to dismiss any responsibility for the racial actions of the officers as a response team in calling Mr. Chamberlain a racial slur. Mr. Anthony Carelli was a part of that group.

By dismissing the use of racial slurs to be admitted in evidence, Judge Cathy Siebel denies the lack of human compassion for Mr. Chamberlain by White Plains Police, in the institution of Law Enforcement for Black Men in particular and the racial bias that apparently exists without any acknowledgment accountability.

Please join us in support of Chamberlain family.

Damon K. Jones
New York Representative


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