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Black Law Enforcement says NYS Dems Have Gone too Far Banning NYS Peace Officers from Carrying Firearms in Public Places

On a live webcast, Damon K. Jones, the Publisher of Black Westchester Magazine and the NYS Representative of Blacks in Law Enforcement of a America spoke out against the new gun law that excluded Off-Duty NYS Peace Officers from carrying in public areas but allowed retired Police.

NYS Peace officers represent some of the most highly trained and qualified law enforcement officers in New York. These include the tens of thousands of officers employed to protect our courts, hospitals, jails, prisons, and schools.

“This law has made the communities more unsafe,” Jones stated, “that just a few weeks ago, an off-duty Correction Officer was credited for saving lives when he used his off-duty weapon to shoot a shooting suspect who was shooting in a crowd of people.”

“The Democrats are just going too damn far! Who are they pleasing? It’s certainly not the public! These are your Correction Officers, Probation Officers, Court Officers, and Sheriffs”, Jones continued.

It is no secret in the law enforcement community that Off-Duty Peace Officers are the state’s silent army. This bill has put decades of retired NYS Peace Officers and their families in danger. Once again, a bill that supposes to enhance public safety does the opposite.

“The Democrats are going to lose this one in November,” said Jones.

There is also an online Petition pushing back against this part of the bill, and it already has over 5 thousand signatures.


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