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Black Law Enforcement Responds to Commissioner Bratton’s Statement

The recent statement made by New York Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton, is the usual rhetoric given by white police commissioners and Chiefs throughout New York when asked about the low rate of black officers under their command.

Commissioner Bratton’s statement is a total disrespect to the black community and those law abiding black citizens that are stereotyped by the policy makers in law enforcement. The reports of Bratton wanting to retract his statement, shows New Yorkers that he is even reluctant to stand behind his own statements because he would NEVER have said this on or off record about any other ethnic community in New York.

As Black Law Enforcement Professionals, we have not forgotten that NYPD has a long history of Black cops being shot shot at or killed while off-duty or in plain clothes by their white counterparts. Not to be able differentiate from good or bad has been systematic with clear evidence that Bratton is unable or unwilling to change.

The truth of the matter is; many black males and females, that are eligible for law enforcement jobs do not look for law enforcement careers because of the overwhelming distrust and resentment that exist in the black communities that NYPD claims to protect and serve.

As Black Law Enforcement Professionals, we are outraged and are demanding strict accountability from Mayor de Blasio, who has often used his black son as an example of his sensitivity to the relationship of police and the black community, to hold his Commissioner accountable to his stereotypical statements that has offended rank and file black law enforcement in his command and the black community in general.

Damon K. Jones
New York Representative
Blacks in Law Enforcement of America


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