May 28, 2023
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President Biden Motivates Students And Westchester Voters 

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“A Vote is not a Valentine, you aren’t confessing your love for a candidate, it’s a chess move for the world you want to live it” – Rebecca Solnit, a writer, and activist who spoke powerfully about the importance of voting as a strategic choice rather than a solemn duty.

We have less than 24 hours until polls open across the country and voters are fired up. Republicans have doubled down on their allegiance to Donald Trump and his wild election distortion. They have introduced legislation that would ban abortion nationwide. And if they win back power, they are admitting that they planned to completely derail with dangerous and destructive political games.

President Joe Biden appeared with Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul on Sunday, stimulating voters to turn out to vote in the final days before an extraordinarily close election cycle. Voting is one of the most essential rights of any democratic citizen and as we see right now, this administration is using a slew of voter suppression and intimidation tactics throughout the country.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in his speech to open the rally said Biden and the Democratic majorities brought funding during the pandemic − for the children of impoverished families, for mass transit, and for essential workers such as firefighters, police officers and health care who labored while business shut down.

“It was an honor and incredibly exciting to be part of a team that brought the President of the United States to Sarah Lawrence college,” Congressman Jamaal Bowman shared with Black Westchester. “It was the first time in 50 years that a president has come to Yonkers NY. The message is clear: Democrats must be united to win key elections in NY and across the country, and the work to save our democracy requires all of us.”

Ssalamatu Lawal a student from SUNY Purchase shared, “I haven’t voted yet. This will be my first time. I am nervous. In my philosophy class my professor showed us a sample ballot. We had a conversation and were walked thru the process. This made it seem a lot less scary.”

Present to speak to college student was Majority Leader of the New York State Senate Andrea Stewart Cousin who reminded residents, “You not only are voting for yourselves. You are voting for dreams. You are voting for the future.”

A fourth-grade student Mercy smiled and shared her thoughts about being present to see President Joe Biden, “I am hanging out with my Mom. We do not talk about voting in our school. I will share my experience tomorrow in school”.

Attorney General Latisha James joined the list of high-ranking national Democrats to address the students and members of the Westchester County community, “This started with young people who are committed to change, committed to moving mountains. Young people who want some skin in the game.” Attorney General Latisha James continued by reminding the students at Sarah Lawrence, “We need you now scholars more than ever before. Electing the first Woman Governor Kathy. We cannot afford to go backwards. This is a different Republican Party of extremist who do not have a plan. We will not accept as woman to be treated as second class citizens.“

Congressman Bowman addressed the crowd encouraging all in attendance to get out and vote. “We’re doing everything they can to make sure Democrats get elected, why, “because Democrats deliver!”

On the road toward the election Black Westchester Magazine continue to address voting. AJ Woodson published an article on the third of November and stated, “The truth is the act of voting has never felt so critical. With accusations of rigged elections, voter fraud, machine malfunctions, and vote tampering, the ballot is at the center of the debate, and many election-denier are on the ballot in key races around the country.” 

This is the 11th hour, Election Day Eve, a fast-tightening competition that has Governor Kathy Hochul racing to expand her closing argument as Democrats cautiously acknowledge they might have miscalculated powerful fears driving the electorate, particularly around crime.

What would Michael Eric Dyson say, “Our work does not end by voting – it has only begun.”

Get Out To Vote.

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