Real Talk From AJ Woodson: Beyoncé’s Ties to Black Panthers, Say What Now?

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beyonce suerbowl 50Ok before I share these Beyoncé news briefs that are infesting the internet, all I have to say is anytime anyone expresses anything that has the illusion or is perceived Pro-Black, everyone else has to label it Anti-Something. This is usually reserved for the likes of people like Malcolm X and Khalid Muhammad and anyone who shows any black nationalism. Individuals who speak up, speak truth to power and stand against anything oppressing our people.

But now a sistah can’t release a song, with some black themes and perform at the Superbowl dress in black leather, Black Panther paraphernalia (which I personally loved) without being labeled Anti-Police, and have Toronto politicians calling for the feds to investigation possible Black Panther Party ties and another group of people calling for an Anti-Beyonce rally, really!

A Toronto politician, who may be calling for a country wide boycott. How are Canadian officials calling for United States Federal Authorities to investigate anything? What part of the game is that? It wasn’t like the game even took place in Toronto or the alleged Anti-Police rhetoric occurred on Canadian soil. Maybe I am missing something!

Why is it that every other group or nationality can promote pride or stand up for themselves without being labeled anti-everything else. To add insult to injury, condemning any statements, music or even speaking up against many other groups is damn near considered a hate crime or not being political correct. For me it’s not even about whether you are a fan of this artist, whether you personally listen to her music or not or even what you think about her, but about calling out the historical hate-filled hypocrisy that has plagued this country for far too long.

We must stand up and let our youth its OK to be proud of your features. We have big noses, big butts and so on and so forth, but mainstream media has a lot of our sisters ashamed of their features, a lot of our celebrities getting cosmetic work done to hide their Afrocentric assets. Yes some of you may be saying it’s just a song, its just a video, why am I making a big deal about this, because, someone has to stand up and say something. This is a continuation and result of the systematic racism that is as American and apple pie. Having a black President has only brought the often hidden racism and bigotry even more to the surface

So if the haters wanna have an anti-Beyoncé Rally all of you who feel Beyoncé, need to show up in support of her. Those who love Beyoncé, buy all her music, go to all her shows, need to stand up, show up at the rally and take to social media and let those who oppose know you will not stand for this attack of Bey. Black Lives Matter needs to show up at the NFL Headquarters and let the NFL and those who oppose know you have this sistah’s back and any attack on our celebrities will not be excepted. Ok that’s my five and a half cents on the subject now on to the news that sparked all this! Real Talk
– AJ Woodson

Toronto Councillor Urges Feds to Look Into Beyonce’s Ties to Black Panthers

video-216424Despite the message behind “Formation,” many Super Bowl viewers weren’t pleased with Beyoncé ‘s performance as they felt she promoted violence towards police – some even plan to have an “Anti-Beyoncé ” rally next week in New York City. Bey has yet to comment on the backlash she’s received, but she may want to speak up now that one Toronto Councillor is looking to have her banned from entering Canada entirely.

Ward 39 Councillor Jim Karygiannis believes Beyoncé may have some sort of connection to The Black Panther Party after Sunday night’s Halftime Show. “If someone wore bullets and supported (a radical group) here, they would not be welcomed in the United States — that’s for sure,” he stated after requesting the help of the federal government. Though he doesn’t plan to ban Beyoncé based off her tribute to The BPP, if he finds out her team supports them financially, “she or some of them could be found not eligible to enter the country as others in the past have faced.”

Karygiannis concluded by saying “We should not be promoting gun culture or anti-police sentiments.”

Source: City News

Protesters Planning “Anti Beyoncé ” Rally Outside of NFL Headquarters in NYC

video-216422A group of people are planning a rally outside of NFL headquarters in New York City to protest Beyoncé ‘s Super Bowl 50 halftime performance. An unnamed organizer on Eventbrite revealed that the protest will take place on February 16 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and they urged attendees to be respectful of private property.

Those in support of #BoycottBeyoncé are being asked to gather outside the headquarters of the National Football League in New York City at 8 a.m. on February 16, according to a posting on Eventbrite.

“Are you offended as an American that Beyoncé pulled her race-baiting stunt at the Superbowl?” the invitation asks. “Do you agree that it was a slap in the face to law enforcement?”

“Come and let’s stand together,” the notice says. “Let’s tell the NFL we don’t want hate speech & racism at the Superbowl ever again!”

But that invitation sparked a call for a counterprotests, asking Beyoncé supporters to also show up.

“When Black women affirm Blackness/Black womanhood, they are attacked and silenced,” says the posting, which invites women to dress in outfits inspired by the “Formation” video or the Super Bowl performance. “This is a counter protest to … a racist, a historical attack on the Black Panther Party and Beyoncé, plus an excuse to celebrate a very awesome song and #BlackGirlMagic moment.”

The controversy began when the singer dropped her music video for her song “Formation” on Saturday.

In the song Beyoncé speaks of her heritage with lyrics such as “My daddy Alabama/ Momma Louisiana/ You mix that Negro with that Creole/ Make a Texas bamma” and declares, “I like my baby hair, with baby hair and Afros/ I like my Negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils.”

With all the offensive racist songs that have been made in the United States of America for our arrival until today that are offense, derogatory and down-rite disrespectful to people of color, those who oppose Formation and the Superbowl 50 performance should just sit this one out and shut up! Real Talk!!!!

AJ Woodson

AJ Woodson is the Editor-In-Chief of Black Westchester and Co-Owner of Urban Soul Media Group, the parent company, Host & Producer of the People Before Politics Radio Show. AJ is a Father, Brother, An Author, Journalism Fellow (Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism), Hip-Hop Artist - one third of the legendary underground rap group JVC FORCE known for the single Strong Island, Radio Personality, Hip-Hop Historian, Documentarian, Activist, Criminal Justice Advocate and Freelance Journalist whose byline has appeared in several print publications and online sites including The Source, Vibe, the Village Voice, Upscale, Sonicnet.com, Launch.com, Rolling Out Newspaper, Daily Challenge Newspaper, Spiritual Minded Magazine, Word Up! Magazine, On The Go Magazine and several others.

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