June 10, 2023
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Bruce Bendish Throws Hat In Ring For Westchester District Attorney

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White Plains — Former Westchester County prosecutor Bruce Bendish, 69, of White Plains, announced his candidacy for Westchester County District Attorney, Thursday morning in the Larchmont Room at the Crowne Plaza Hotel located at 66 Hale Avenue.

Bendish will be competing with New Rochelle’s Mitch Benson for the Republican Nomination. Benson, 56, a former Nassau County prosecutor quit his job, to run for the job, which was left open when former Westchester DA Janet DiFiore, Republican in Democratic clothing was confirmed by State Senate to preside at the state’s highest court and oversee the judiciary.

“There is no Democrat way or Republican way, nor liberal or conservative way to fight crime,” Bendish states at press conference. “There is only the fair way. Politics plays no part in the execution of the law.”

While Bendish has earned the respect of police agencies throughout the country, he wants the African-American community in Westchester County that traditionally votes Democrat and have yet to see justice or fair and full investigations in matters of the black lives lost at the hands of the police in Westchester, to know he plans to fight for them as well.

While it may be too early to truly assess, Bendish tells BW, taught be his mentor, Carl Vergari, Westchester District Attorney from 1968 to 1994, he plans to be guided by the principle that fairness must be applied to all investigations and prosecutions.

“As far as I’m concerned justice is blind,” Bendish tells BW, referring the image of Lady Justice with a blindfold on that appears in many courtrooms nationwide. “If there is something that should be prosecuted, I’m going to prosecute, I’m going to be fair.

Check below for video of Bruce Bandish’s full press conference, one-on-one with BW and former Deputy Police Commissioner Burke’s endorsement of Bandish. As always feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, concerns and feedback in the comment sections below.

For more information on Bruce Bendish check his website

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Shawyn February 18, 2016 at 6:10 PM

Former Deputy Commissioner Burke’s endorsement of him is equivalent to Donald Trumps endorsement right now. More black officers resigned and retired under Burke’s reign of terror than any other time in the history of the MVPD. If you treat Black law enforcement like garbage ( and blue has “no color”) how could I trust you to treat the Black community with equity. Nah!!!!


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