May 28, 2023

Ben Gordon’s Second Chance In Orlando

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There was a time when Ben Gordon struck straight fear in the hearts of his opponents. Sixth Man of the Year in 2005, then the 2009 Playoffs where he averaged 24.3 points per game and 37.0 percent shooting from beyond the arc.

Parlaying that 2009 playoff performance to positon on the Pistons to the tune of $58 million over five-years. Then the last five years were considered a disaster by many. His scoring average sank to 5.2 points per game in 19 games coupled with falling out with his coach, which lead to the former Husky being cut by the Bobcats and written off by many basketball enthusiasts.

The saying goes you cant keep a good man down. In what could be his chance at redemtption, shooting guard Ben Gordon Ben signed a two-year, $9 million deal with the Orlando Magic. Going into his 11th year in the league and playing on his fourth team when the 2014-15 season starts in October. The opportunity for the Mount Vernon native with the Magic could be a good look as it appears he’s ready to come in and help the young players, while also revitalizing his own career.

“I’m really excited. You know, it’ll be my 11th year in the league, been around a while, so every time you go into a new opportunity, it’s a great opportunity,” Gordon tells OrlandoMagic.Com writer John Denton. “Just looking to revitalize myself; come here and assist the young guys. I think they’ve got a lot of great, young talent and they just need some veteran guys around them to kind of help them along the way. So, I’m looking to come in, contribute and just looking forward to a great opportunity.”

Don’t sleep his stint with the Bobcats may just be what Ben needed. Could this be Gordons season of redemption? Can he bring back the magic in Orlando? Only time will tell. But don’t be too quick to count him out, one things for sure, money-earning Mt. Vernon’s Ben Gordon aint dont yet!

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