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Being Latina and Republican in the Trump Era. By Lorraine Lopez 

Para mi jente:

The other day someone yelled at me on fb. I assume he was yelling cause it was all caps!! He said that I am not a Republican. Well, guess what? I am. I was born in a Republican household. My mom was a long time and very proud Republican as well as an OG from the Southside. She was actually friends with Peter Chema and named my departed brother, Peter after him. Not all of us are Trump supporters. I’m a moderate Republican and yes, I was excited about a Republican president until my friend Wanda L. tore me a new ahole, then the actual ahole opened his mouth and all bets were off. Just because we got a dud it does not mean you give up your beliefs. Being a Republican does not mean that we are all the same. We are allowed to have opinions. This is America, so I believe we also have free speech and the ability to choose whom we represent. Does not mean that we are robots that stick to this ridiculous fool. Thousands in the party have regrets about pulling that lever. Does not make them a bad person. As a matter of fact, the Republicans I know that made me want to become one have been the nicest folks I have met. So, please…stuff happens…we screwed up but nothing lasts for ever and this too shall pass. So instead of bashing, why don’t you grab some forms and register some Republicans, so you too can make a difference. Get it?? btw, the first fool to bash me will be deleted and comments closed. So, tired of arguing, defending, etc. over some fools who don’t give a crab about any of us. Look in your backyard. Your hometown and if you don’t like the Republican representative then do something about it! Its not that hard folks…Btw, the rest of my family is Democratic and we get along well…


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