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Adrian Armstrong – Judicial Induction of A Mount Vernon City Court Judge

Judge Adrian Armstrong [Black Westchester]

Judge Adrian Armstrong [Black Westchester]

Mount Vernon — Judges from all over the state, elected officials, local clergy members, friends and family as well as the Mount Vernon community packed the City Council Chambers for Judge Adrian Armstrong’s Judicial Induction Ceremony, Thursday night. It was standing room only as everyone came out to witness Judge Armstrong’s swearing-in and induction.

Visiting judges and various elected officials all took turn discussing the attributes of the man and why he would be a good judge. One word was in heavy rotation during the ceremony and that was fair. Almost every person who spoke, discussed how Judge Armstrong is a man who will review all the information available and be fair in his rulings.

“It’s an honor to have a man of such integrity serving our community,” Councilman André Wallace shares with BW. “Mount Vernon is truly blessed to have Adrian Armstrong as a city court judge.”

Also in attendance were members of his family, longtime friends, his fraternity brothers from Kappa Alpha Psi, teammates, classmates and a teacher or two from school. While he attempted to thank everyone who ever had anything to do with who he is today, as expected there wasn’t enough time to name everyone individually and no matter how much you try you always forget someone, when you had so much people who sowed something into your life. If it’s any indication, you could tell from the showing of people who packed the place, this man touched a lot of people’s lives and was loved.

“I want to thank everyone that came out to share this special evening with me and my family,” Judge Armstrong tells BW. “I am also thankful for those that sent congratulatory messages. I thank the Good Lord for putting me in the position of Judge for the Mount Vernon City Court, and I am committed to ensuring that justice and fairness is the end result for all matters that are conducted in my court.”

After City Clerk George Brown led the Pledge of Allegiance, Rev. Edward Mulraine of Unity Baptist Tabernacle (101 So. 2nd Avenue), a long time friend of Judge Adrian Armstrong gave the invocation. “Because of the character and wisdom of Judge Armstrong this city will be judicially better than ever,” Mulraine tells BW.

The Honorable Adam Seiden, Mt. Vernon Assoc. City Court Judge welcomed everyone and proudly introduced all the judges in attendance. Followed by remarks from Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas.

“Mount Vernon made the right choice in elevating Judge Adrian Armstrong in City Court,” Mayor Thomas told BW. “He is fair, forward thinking, and compassionate in the administration of justice. He understands the needs of tenants, seniors, property owners, and youth who deserve a second shot at life. I look forward to working with Judge Armstrong to make Mount Vernon safer for all.”

While I personally am never one to believe the hype, it felt like one of those rare situations where all the accumulates were both well deserved and true. Our one and only encounter with Judge Armstrong on the campaign trial was when he made an appearance on our radio show, People Before Politics. We immediately had respect for the man, being the only one of the judicial candidates to appear on the show. While others candidates had the position they can not speak to the issues, because they are running for judge, he answered all the questions we shot at him, as much as he could, stating his position on a variety of topics, issues and scenarios without getting too much into any particular case. Personally it was during that very interview, I did with him, that I made up my mind, I was going to vote for him and he was the right person for the job.

Council President Marcus Griffith gave remarks and Westchester County and Mount Vernon City Democratic Committee Chairman Reginald Lafayette and recognized of all the Public Officials in attendance.

Then the moment everyone came to see, Supreme Court Justice (Bronx County) Donna M. Mills gave Armstrong the Oath of Office. Judge Armstrong changed out of his suit jacket and replaced it with a black judicial robe and then thanked all who played a part or him being elected as the newest Mount Vernon City Court Judge.

Former Mayor Ernest Davis appointed Adrian Armstrong, principal clerk to Supreme Court Justice Donna Mills, to the Mount Vernon City Court to fill the unexpired term of Mark Gross, who retired in April 2015.

“Judge Armstrong comes to Mount Vernon with a wealth of experience in matters that will come before a judge in city court,” Davis told BW after the appointment was announced in May 2015.

As he did when he prayed at the 2016 State of The State Address last month, Reverend Troy P. DeCohen, Senior Pastor of the Mount Vernon Heights Congregational Church (258 S Columbus Ave), asked everyone in attendance to join hands as he gave the benediction for he judicial induction ceremony.

“I am very proud to have participated in the Swearing In Ceremony of Judge Adrian Armstrong, Rev DeCohen told BW. “He is a special Judge because he openly affirms his belief in our Creator the Lord Jesus Christ. He does not just look to the law of the land for guidance, but he looks to the Lord of all for directions. God bless him.”

Check out Judge Armstrong when he appeared on People Before Politics Radio just before the 2015 Democratic primary. Judge Armstrong was one of several candidates who appears on PBP Radio and won the 2015 Democratic Primary and General Election.


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