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Once in a while, a struggling community or a nation has the opportunity to right the wrongs of the past leaders and take corrective action, measurable steps, towards rebuilding their economy, culture and quality of life. Mount Vernon has that once in a few decades opportunity at this moment. In the November 7th Election, there are three seats up for new City Council Leadership and a new Comptroller. This election can ultimately shift this city from being a city of lost hope, crime, higher and higher taxes with less and less services, failing businesses, lack of jobs, decreasing property values and infrastructure, to a city that has promise for a bright future, a culture of care and an economy that can sustain a quality of life that has not been seen here in Mount Vernon for decades.

IT’S TIME TO STOP THE FAILING CYCLE – If you think for one moment that things can change in Mount Vernon with the failed leadership of the Democratic Party, then please consider the facts. Mount Vernon has been a majority Democratic Party town for many decades now. It’s not being a Democrat that is the problem. It is being a blind Democrat Robot that is the problem. It is no longer ok to vote straight down party lines because the interests of the Mount Vernon Democratic Party do not represent the majority of its citizens. You have to examine the individual candidates and their values, credentials, capacity and competency. The same that you would do if you were interviewing a babysitter for your kids, a caretaker for your parents or an employee for your business. You would never hire them simply because they said that they were a Democrat. So then why do we keep electing the same unqualified individuals, backed by a failing Mount Vernon Democratic Party leadership, that runs their business in a party headquarters office that is as dismal and dilapidated as its vision, all while they continue to fail us and the city. I can no longer keep up with the gunshot victims, foreclosed homes, car break-ins, potholes, sewer backups, littered streets, dollar stores, and the high taxes that keep good people out and cause longtime residents to either lose their homes or just leave! Is this what we really want? Nobody wants to live like that. But if you elect the people backed by the Mount Vernon Democratic Party Machine that will be the continuing reality. This November, it’s time that all Democrats break the chains of being a Democratic Machine Robot and break the Democratic Party Line.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK- Here is something we told our kids for years, yet how many of us “Do our homework” and learn about the candidates that we vote for? Do we know where they stand on the issues that are important to us? Most candidates simply send out flyers that say “VOTE FOR ME…BECAUSE YOU KNOW ME.” Yes, I may know you, but if you are currently in office and have been a failure and you refuse to listen to the citizens because you feel that your failed policies are good for us, then YOU GOTTA GO! If I know you and you have not been a role model in this community representing the positive culture of care that we so desperately need and if you don’t know what it will take to bring businesses and jobs back, then YOU GOTTA GO! If I don’t know you, but I do my homework on you and find that you have the credentials for the position that you seek, that you represent my values and vision for this community and that you have the competency and character of a leader, then and only then will you have my vote! IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE! Mount Vernon failing in every way…it has the highest taxes, highest murder rate, jobless rate and foreclosure rate in the county? Does this make sense to you? Just look at the people that are making the decisions…they represent POOR LEADERSHIP! And when you don’t have competent leaders, then failure is the outcome. We, as a community have the power of our vote to end this chaos!



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