June 8, 2023
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Are We Repeating The Mistakes Of The Past? by Helena R. Edwards

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My intention is not to appear insensitive or even indifferent, but I must asked this question which I believe to be very important: when we focus on the imaginary of slavery where white men are dehumanizing Africans, what is our purpose or objective in doing so?

The objective or purpose cannot be to change that situation, because that situation was in the past. It has already happened. Therefore, it is not subject to being changed by anyone.

Is it to inspire hostility and anger within us towards white people for treating our ancestors worse than animals? Is hostility and anger going to help us or are they going to eventually cause us to harm ourselves?

Is the purpose to make us aware of how wicked white people can be? Do white people have a monopoly on wickedness? How about those of us that carry white genes, does this feeling of wickedness extend to us as well, or did we by chance escape the wicked genes of the white man?
Is the purpose to ensure that this historical scenario is not repeated whereby Africans are taken as slaves and abused by the white man? If this is the objective, what are we doing to ensure that the situation is not repeated?

Have we rid ourselves of the conditions that facilitated the white man taking Africans from Africa and making them slaves on the plantation? There were deep divisions among tribes of Africa that help to facilitate the Transatlantic Slavery. Have we been able to cure those divisions? Do we have trust between us? Are we loyal to our humanity rather than to money?

When more than 72 percent of black children are being neglected and abandoned by their fathers, I assert that the conditions here in America today are far worse than they were in Africa before the Transatlantic Slave Trade. When black men and women are killing one another in gang wars that transform communities into war zones, I assert that the conditions today are worse than they were in Africa.

When the youth have no respect for the elderly and vice versa, I assert that the conditions today are much worse than they were in Africa before the first African was placed on a ship to this foreign land.

So, how are we going to ensure that this history is not repeated? It seems to me that the constant reminder of the white man as wicked and evil has not in any way affected our behavior to ensure that “the evil white man” will not make us slaves again. It seems like many, including some who do not possess, the white man genes have become much more evil and wicked than the white man.

When we rape and abuse our children is that considered wicked and evil? When we abandoned, disowned and fail to acknowledge our children, are these behaviors considered wicked and evil? Is it the white man who causes us to behave with such depraved indifference to human lives?
From the picture that I see, it appears that the white man no longer has the monopoly on wickedness and evil, because there are blacks today that are committing more wickedness and evil deeds than the white man committed during slavery.

Therefore, the wickedness and evil of the white man who is being continuously shown seem to act more like an inspiration for folks to become more wicked and more evil, and as a result, more susceptible to repeating history. The children that are abandoned usually end up being incarcerated as adults. The prison cell can be thought of as a slave fort on the West Coast of Africa holding the Africans until their final departure to plantations in foreign lands.

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