MEMORIAL FIELD UPDATE: Walk Thru With Commissioner Anthony Bove

When we wrote ‘Memorial Field – Decades Of Decay While Politicians Debate Different Renovation Plans’ a lot of you express your outrage and disappointment and what Memorial Field had become. You said you wanted to know what was going on and we told you we would stay on top of any developments or further delays, bottom-line we would keep you informed. We followed that up with the second part of our series of MF, ‘Joe Pemberton Explains What’s Going On At Memorial Field’ where the architectural designer of the Dept. of Public Works laid out the plans.

Still from the view of the street, it appeared as not much was being done, so we decided to set up a tour and have them show us what has been done up to this point and when the residents of Mount Vernon could once again use this recreational facility. We caught up to Commissioner of Water, Anthony Bove (a lifelong Mt. Vernon resident) to get some answers. Bove (pronounced bo-vay) shared with us what has been done, a projected timeline, the challenges they have faced up to this point and why, and his desire to see MF restored to its former glory. He addressed as many of the residents concerns as he could and offered to give anyone who wants a tour. He went as far to give his cell number for anyone who wants to get a tour.

While we have seen progress with our own eyes, we will continue to stay on top of the renovations and let you know what’s goin’ on with Memorial Field until the renovations are complete and MF is reopened. Stay tuned for further updates.