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Mayor Andre Wallace: Exposing Corruption and Waste in Mt Vernon

Why does the City Council want to align itself on the side of corruption?

Mayor André Wallace continues to push forward his aggressive agenda to uncover years’ worth of corruption in the face of active opposition from every angle. Having already demonstrated that Thomas’ corrupt deal to remain in office was illegal, Wallace is not being distracted from his mission by the difficulties he’s facing. 

“When you get resistance, you have to ask yourself, what are they trying to hide?” said Wallace. “In three weeks, I’ve found enough money to fund the clean-up of Memorial Field and reduce taxes by sifting through a whole mess of waste, fraud, and abuse at the Water Department and Industrial Development Agency. There’s a lot more out there.”

The ultimate goal is to make the People’s tax dollars work for the People. Too much money is missing, too many questions are unanswered, and too many people are involved to be discounted as anything other than systematic corruption. Wallace remains focused on exposing the waste and will begin to hold people accountable. It’s producing real results. Money for Memorial Field and lowering taxes, eliminating the gravy train of needless “overtime,” opposing Mayor Thomas’ $35,000 walk-away “settlement,” and punishing those who have been treating tax dollars as their own personal piggy-bank is just the beginning.

“I’ve already spoken with people in the Thomas administration who know where the bodies are buried. The indictments are coming. The truth is going to come out. And, people will be going to jail. I ask myself why the City Council wants to align itself on the side of corruption. Why won’t they let my people do their work? There’s still a lot of work to do, and we’re going to keep doing it, with or without their help,” promised Wallace.


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