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Alternative Board Games You Have Yet to Discover Online

Traditional methods of socializing have been severely restricted of late, meaning Tri-state residents have had to find new and inventive ways of communicating and getting together with friends.

CNBC reports that one of the most purchased items over the internet of late is board games. Whilst families are kept together, a board game is a great way by which to enjoy time together. However, when families are not apart, they’re going to need to find alternative ways to come together.

The board game remains popular, but the internet has allowed players to come together virtually. There are several of the popular titles available online for people to play, including classics such as Scrabble and Monopoly. There are also variants of those common games on different platforms too, offering players the same imagery and themes but without the exact rules and plots. There are several good board game-themed titles on Foxy Games, including Monopoly Slingo and Monopoly Megaways which draw on the game’s imagery but don’t require players to buy up properties or go to jail!

There are an increasing number of newer board games out there to discover as well, moving away from the ‘usual’ titles and adding new depth and excitement to an age-old tradition. We’ve pulled together a list of four you might not have heard of right now, but that certainly helps bring you closer to other people in these unprecedented times.

CATAN Universe

CATAN Universe is an online strategy board game that can become incredibly addictive. There are some rules available when you first visit, but it might be advisable to either play with someone who understands the game or to watch a tutorial online.

You play as a new arrival to a resource-rich island, who needs to build cities and roads while gathering materials and trading with players. Once you get into the nitty-gritty of the rules, Catan becomes a rewarding strategy experience.


Carcassonne is another title that sees you building and developing an empire of sorts. You begin with a collection of randomized tiles and it is your task to lay these down in a way that makes sense and scores points.

You’re rewarded for building new structures and making connections, in the same way as the physical alternative. The online version features a tutorial, but we found it was focused on using the interface, rather than the actual rules of the game. A YouTube guide would certainly be an advantage for new players.

Ticket to Ride

If you’re after an insanely easy premise that leads to an infuriating tactical battle, then Ticket to Ride is just for you. All you need to do is connect the U.S. cities with trains that match colors on the board, what could be easier?

Whilst playing at home might pit you against people of a similar skill level, be aware that online players have become very adept at this game. That means early encounters might see you struggle, but once you’re up to speed with some of the approaches, this game will have you coming back again and again.


Qwirkle seems to be a very straightforward premise in which you match colors and shapes, but it develops into an astute tactical battle requiring strategy and planning. Players score points by making rows of tiles that are all the same color or shape, without repeating tiles. There’s no board in the physical version and the online adaption feels just as versatile.

It sounds so simple, but like Ticket to Ride it quickly becomes addictive and requires more than simply laying tiles; it’s a game that prompts a cunning and skilled approach.


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