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Alternate Side of The Street Parking Suspended in Mt Vernon For Thursday, March 8th, Nothing Posted Online!!!

Mt. Vernon City School District: There will be a two hour delay for Thursday, March 8th

As the second nor’easter in a week brought heavy, wet snow to the Hudson Valley, Tuesday night through Wednesday with strong, gusting winds which made for poor visibility, adding to the already treacherous travel conditions throughout the region, and many residents are still without electricity, the questions we received the most from Mount Vernon residents on Wednesday was, is Alternate Side of The Street Parking suspended for Thursday, March 8th?

The first thing we did was check the City of Mount Vernon website and saw this message at 10:10 P.M. Wednesday night: “Mount Vernon City Hall is closed tomorrow, Wednesday, March 7, 2018, due to inclement weather. Alternate Side of the street parking will also be suspended for this date.” No word about Thursday, the website had yet to be updated.

So we then called the Mount Vernon Police Department and was told that it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet but most likely Yes.

I personally found that disturbing since people will rely on what we write, I can’t in good faith tell the residents that and then they get tickets for not moving their cars. I was then told the final say is with the parking bureau, their number is 914-665-2592. Since the parking bureau closes at 7PM, we didn’t expect anyone to answer the phone at 10:15 PM, but we were hoping for a recorded message that would inform the residents. The phone rang and rang and rang, we heard no voice message.

Lastly we searched through our emails because Mayor Thomas is known for his many email blasts he sends out through Constant Contact, but all we could find was an invitation for his State of the City Address scheduled for Thursday, March 15th to be held at the Waltburg, but nothing on the weather or alternate side parking.

Ok so there is nothing officially posted so residents can find out for themselves, so I called Councilman Andre Wallace to see if he could shed some light on the situation. He picked up right way and quickly responded, “Mount Vernon alternate side is suspended tomorrow.”

I mentioned to him that many people were frustrated they could not find this information online and were calling, emailing and even tagging us on Facebook to find out. Where can I direct people to so they can read it for themselves, I can not find it anywhere? He responded, “We need to have these things posted on the website,” then he went on to explain that, “It’s not posted, however, the reason for moving your cars is so the sweepers can clean the street. There will be no street cleaners operating in the snow, so you do not have to move your cars.”

This is not meant to point fingers at the councilman, we thank him for giving us the official word, but as was said about the previous administration, the City of Mount Vernon has to do a better job communicating vital information like this to the residents. Thank you Janelle Allbritton and others who contacted us and requested this information because they could not find it online. And thanks to Commissioner of Parking Carrie Mobley-Johnson for also getting the information back to us in a timely matter.

Ok so officially Black Westchester is told that Alternate Side of the street parking is suspended for Thursday, March 9th. k so what about the school district, will the schools be open? The Mount Vernon City School District posted the following message on their websiteThere will be a two hour delay for Thursday, March 8, 2018. If conditions worsen an update will be provided by 5:30am.

With another possible nor’easter schedule to hit the Hudson Valley on Monday,  March 12th, let’s see if the City of Mount Vernon post the information, for the residents to see, if not feel free to contact us and we will do our best to get that information out to you.


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