June 10, 2023
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All Eyes On Ferguson As Grand Duty Decision Comes In

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Ferguson, Missouri — State and federal sources told CNN the grand jury decision will be announced on Monday.
Isom said ongoing dialogue with community members has led to “an understanding of the ground rules we’ll move forward on.”

“We’re prepared for any decision that comes down,” he said.

Law enforcement in Ferguson is prepared for anything and everything once a grand jury decision is announced in the Michael Brown shooting, Missouri Public Safety Director Daniel Isom said.

The verdict to indict Darren Wilson, the white police officer who shot and killed unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson in August. Authorities planned to reveal it within hours.

BW reported earlier that Officer Darren Wilson has reportedly been negotiating his resignation. If Wilson resigns he protects his pension, even if the case he is indicted and ultimately prosecuted, which many feel will not happen.

Rick Canamore who has been a very active in the protest in Ferguson is one who has no faith in the system and feels Darren Wilson will not be indicted.

“Even if the officer is indicted, protest and demands for justice, must continue,” Canamore, of nearby Normandy, where Brown attended high school tells CNN. “The area’s working-class African-American are tired of being hassled by police over things residents of more affluent areas don’t have to contend with.”

St. Louis County Prosecutors office has confirmed that the grand duty has official made their decision and have been released and set home. An official announcement of the grand jury’s decision will be made public later today, the prosecutor’s office also says in the statement.

Brown’s family has not been notified of the grand jury’s decision, family attorney Benjamin Crump told CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin.

“He says the family is very upset, they are distraught that no one from the prosecutor’s office has reached out to them,” Hostin said.

President Obama is urging people to “Keep protest peaceful and in perspective,” in a statement from the White House. citing the words of Michael brown’s parents, “The best way to honor Brown is to keep protest peaceful.”

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