AJ & Damon Discuss The lack of Outrage From The Black Community In Cases Of Police Criminality

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On a recent episode of The People Before Politics Radio Show, talk show hosts Damon K. Jones and AJ Woodson discuss the lack of outrage from the black community on all the incidents of Police Criminality in Westchester County with no justice or accountability. Damon & AJ ask, “Where is the outrage from the Black Community, from the Black Church, from Black Law Enforcement Officers and Organizations, who won’t even speak up when something happens to one of their own.”

BW covered this topic last week, when two Yonkers officers were sentenced to weekends in jail, after their lies lead to Peekskill resident Jamar Smythe serving four years of a 15 year sentence, and led to a raid that cost Dario Tena his life when he fell out a third floor window to his death. Jamar Smythe who was released last Tuesday  decided his first interview after his release would be with BW.

Despite the two Yonkers pleading guilty to perjury, no one is protesting or demanding the re-opening of the Dario Tena case, which never even went to a grand jury.

“If they lied on simple drug cases, they will also lie about murdering this young man,” Damon says on PBP Radio, Sunday. “But no one is asking those types of questions. Nobody from the black community, nobody from the from these governmental bodies. I know Mike Spano and if the mayor was real honest, he would say I want all these cases to be reviewed, especially the death of this young man.”


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