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Agudelo, Fernandez, and Smith Win One Of The Most Lopsided Victories In History of Peekskill Elections.

Rainey Promises Break From Divisiveness and Incivility That is a Hallmark of the Catalina Administration

PEEKSKILL, NY (9/13/17) – After a long race to the primary that included court cases, accusations and mudslinging voters had the last word, Tuesday night when they overwhelmingly chose Vanessa Agudelo, Ramon Fernandez, and Colin Smith as their Democratic candidates this fall. Officials say Agudelo, Fernandez, and Smith’s victory is one of the most lopsided wins in the history of elections in Peekskill, with GOP endorsed Dems losing every single district.

“Democratic voters decided they didn’t want a candidate who sued the city in order to raise property taxes and they didn’t want a candidate that misrepresented an endorsement from a New York State Assemblyman,” said Agudelo. “What voters do want in Peekskill are elected officials who represent our values and have a vision for this city that helps clean up our streets, promotes inclusivity, and promotes growth that benefits everyone.”

“The Democratic residents of Peekskill have chosen to have true Democrats on the ballot November 7th,” said Colin Smith. “Segarra and Sullivan spent months claiming to be Democrats, and I guess they now claim to be Republicans. No one is sure what they stand for. If you want candidates that are true to their values, then the Democratic team is the only choice.”

“Sullivan sued the City to raise property taxes in Peekskill and sued their way onto the ballot. Residents have seen right through their games. Now we can focus on the real issues at hand and move forward to bring a positive agenda to the people of Peekskill,” said Ramon Fernandez.

Agudelo, Fernandez, and Smith will be joined on the ballot this November with Peekskill Councilman Andre Rainey, who is running for mayor. Councilman Rainey, part of a new generation of leadership emerging across the country that is less interested in partisanship and more interested in action. As Mayor, he will take a similar approach to that office, bringing more collaborative leadership to the full Council, making a clean break from the arrogance and blatant favoritism that have become synonymous with Mayor Catalina’s leadership.

“For too many years now Peekskill has been led by a mayor whose approach to governing is to threaten, intimidate and divide the City. This approach is detrimental to our city, as it is our country. It does nothing to address crime, it does nothing to address litter, it does nothing to enhance our parks and roads, and it does nothing to build community,” said Councilman Rainey. “My message to Peekskill is this: I will bring a new approach to City Hall that you can be proud of. One that fosters collaboration and community, so that our City can be successful and not hamstrung by one man’s ego and temperament.”

Since joining the Council two years ago, Rainey has helped bring new business and development to Peekskill, including projects currently under construction with more than 200 market rate apartments, a spa, the new mall that has finally replaced the burned out lot on East Main Street, as well as numerous new businesses and restaurants throughout the City. He has been working diligently to rectify massive water rate hikes that property owners were surprised with this past year, and successfully reconstituted the Human Relations Commission, despite numerous obstacles and delays emanating from City Hall.


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