Journal News/lohud Investigative Reporters Discuss Mount Vernon & Its Troubles on WVOX

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Journal News/lohud investigative reporters Jon Bandler and Jorge Fitz-gibbon appeared on this week’s edition of “Above the Fold,” WVOX’s radio show to discuss their recent investigation on Mount Vernon’s political infighting and operational dysfunction, Wednesday morning 11 AM- 12 noon.

On “Above the Fold,” hosted by Journal News/lohud investigations editor Frank Scandale, Bandler and Fitz-Gibbons discussed with listeners their current report. “Ruining Mount Vernon” appeared online and in print this past Sunday, detailing how the political stalemate among Mayor Richard Thomas, the city council, and city comptroller Maureen Walker, has stymied the city. From the contaminated soil at Memorial Field to the city’s refusal to respond to basic public information requests, Fitz-gibbon and Bandler unearthed details about the city’s problems.

Among the callers was former Mount Vernon Mayor Clinton Young who commended the reporter on a job well done;

“This may be one of the best articles ever written about Mount Vernon,” Young told the journalists. That sentiment was echoed by most of the other callers as well.

Also discussed were the problem getting FOIL request answered and plans to host a community event in the next ten days or so for a fair and balanced discussion with the public on the investigation and where the media outlet is going from here.

Just in case you missed Wednesday’s edition of “Above the Fold,” you can check it out below in its entirety minus the commercials. As always feel free to leave your feedback or thoughts in the comment section below.

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