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Abinanti to Join March Demanding Common Sense Gun Control

TARRYTOWN- “We adults have a sacred obligation to protect our young people,” said Assemblyman Tom Abinanti (D-Greenburgh/Mt. Pleasant) today as he announced that he will join students and families from his district at the Saturday’s “March for Our Lives” rally in White Plains. “Protecting our kids is far too important to allow everyone to have whatever dangerous weapon they want.”

Assemblyman Abinanti has long championed sensible gun legislation aimed at reducing gun violence. Just today the Assemblyman introduced a bill to require a mental health evaluation before a person can obtain any gun in New York.

He also sponsors several bills in the Assembly aimed at curbing gun violence. Abinanti is the sponsor of bills:
A456, to prohibit the sale and promotion of firearms on public property;
A.457, Requiring safe storage of firearms;
A.468, Requiring a firearm safety certificate for applications outside of New York City;
A.2947, Banning undetectable firearms;
A.2959, Prohibiting individuals on the terrorist watchlist from obtaining a firearm;
A.8913, Banning bump stocks;
A.1990, Enacting the children’s weapon accident prevention act;
A.9055, Establishing a database of denied firearms purchases.

Westchester’s “March for Our Lives” rally in White Plains will take place in solidarity with students from Parkland Florida and around the country who will march on Washington this weekend to demand common sense gun control.

“Guns are not toys and should not be treated like toys. They are weapons – and can be weapons of mass destruction. They need to be kept out of the hands of those who would misuse them,” said Abinanti.

“Young people are the future of our country,” said Abinanti.”Now that they are mobilizing, their efforts will force a change to make our gun laws more sensible.”


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