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Abinanti: Calls for NY to Fight Back Against Federal “Reactionary Reform”

Proposes 3 Part Plan to Keep NY’s fair, progressive system and challenge unconstitutional federal “reform

TARRYTOWN – Assemblyman Tom Abinanti (D-Greenburgh/Mt. Pleasant) is calling for New York to fight back against the federal “tax reform” attack on New York and the other states that raise significant taxes to provide comprehensive needed services. Abinanti is proposing a three-pronged approach.

“New York must remain a progressive leader and fight back against the reactionary unconstitutional power grab which increases New Yorkers’ federal taxes and limits the state’s ability to meet the needs of the state’s diverse population,” said Abinanti.

In an effort to insulate New Yorkers from the devastating impacts of federal “tax reform,” Abinanti is asking the Governor to immediately create a blue ribbon task force of tax experts to report back in 30 days on how to restructure New York’s tax system. Abinanti is also proposing legislation to maintain the current tax exemptions and deductions in New York. Finally, Abinanti is calling for a court challenge to the constitutionality of the federal “tax reform.”

“We need to protect New York’s taxpayers and progressive revenue system from the reactionary designs of the federal tax heist legislation,” said Abinanti. “Creative tax experts can craft new tax structures that can protect our New York taxpayers and continue the revenue streams that we need to fund vital services in New York.”

More specifically, Abinanti wants the task force to consider such ideas as incorporating a “payroll tax” as a tax-collecting mechanism as part of New York’s progressive income tax system. Under a payroll tax system, employers – not employees – pay state taxes on their total payroll and can deduct the state taxes on their federal tax returns without any limitations.

In addition, Abinanti is introducing legislation drafted and introduced by State Senator Simcha Felder to restructure New York law to keep in place the deductions and exemptions that were in effect in 2017. This action is necessary because the federal “tax reform” legislation significantly rearranges federal tax law and current New York law automatically incorporates federal deductions and exemptions.”

Finally, Abinanti is calling for the state to bring a court challenge to the federal “tax reform” law as unconstitutional because it interferes with the inherent power of the State to raise revenue through taxes on its citizens. The federal “tax reform” law taxes monies which belong to New York State.

“The federal government is unconstitutionally taxing money that has already been claimed by the New York State through its tax system,” said Abinanti. “In effect, the federal government is taxing New York State’s income.”


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