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A Vote For Marcus Is A Vote For Higher Taxes & Fewer Services [Letter To The Editor]

To all tax payers and those who love Mount Vernon:

The reasons many are moving out and people do not want to buy in Mount Vernon are because of high taxes, high density population and high crime.

The City Council has voted for higher taxes and the building of large multi-family apartments for years.

Councilman Marcus Griffith has been in office since 2014. I understand that the 2013 budget was voted for in January 2014

Some of the tax increases he has voted for:
2013…6.15%      2014…7.7%      2015 …4.25%

History of tax collected in Mount Vernon.
Before Marcus was in office             Marcus voted for in the last 4 years
2008…$43,397,239                          2014…$56,262,603
2009…$44,644,974                          2015…$58,308,788
2010…$45,787,809                          2016…$59,733,855
2011,,,$47,413,037                          2017…$60,553,436

From $43M to $60M an increase of $17M  in ten years, and yet the city has no money to fill the pot holes, replace the street lights, or handle the crime in the city.
It seems the city is not being run properly.

We don’t need these politicians who tell us we don’t understand and keep wasting our money while giving us less services.

What we need is new non-politician people in City Council who would spend our money wisely and bring business back into Mount Vernon.

I would like to say I spoke with Delia Farquharson who reminded me that she ran against the democratic party candidates in the primary.
Which shows she in an independent thinking Democrat.

John D


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  1. I agree 100% with John D! And I’ll add this – MARCUS MUST GO!

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