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Retired Decorated MVPD Sergeant Blast City Council & Mayor Over Mistreatment of African American Officers

BLEA Comments At City Council Meeting Leads To Mt. Vernon PD Being Issued New Bulletproof Vest

Retired decorated MVPD Detective, Anthony Mitchell blast City Council and Mayor Davis over accountability and mistreatment of African-American officers in the Mount Vernon Police Department at a recent Mount Vernon City Council Meeting. At the City Council meeting that was standing room only, and where over 45 residents signed up to speak on issues that concerned them like Memorial Field, Detective Mitchell addresses everything from the 60 police officers leaving the force after Police Commissioner Bell’s firing, the Deputy Commissioner statement of about officers who are Mt. Vernon residents being involved with local street gangs and the decay of Memorial Field and the city of Mount Vernon.


Blacks In Law Enforcement (BLEA) President Damon K. Jones was among the many residents speaking on the decay of Memorial Field. Jones also blasted the MVPD, speaking on police officers being equipped with expired bulletproof vest, the alleged federal investigation of black officers born in Mt.Vernon, and a white officer who still has a job despite costing the city $937,000 tax payers dollars, in lawsuits.

While one of the biggest concerns of the night, the stalled renovation of Memorial Field wasn’t fully addressed by the council to the satisfaction of residents, a city hall insider informed Black Westchester that the Mt. Vernon Police Dept. has ordered new bulletproof vest for the entire department the day after council meeting. Stay tuned to Black Westchester for further updates.


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  1. if i could afford to move back i would!! an run your politicians out an demand Memorial Field fixed~~

  2. being from Mt Vernon now living in Ga. i come home twice a yr, its not the city councils fault, its not the Mayors fault, you know whose fault it is these things keep happening? it’s your fault!!!! yes yours!! you keep allowing these things to happen instead of protesting! you live there, protest get up off your butts an raise hell, EVERYDAY!! HAVE PEACEFUL MARCHES! PROTEST!! THE UNFAIR CONDITIONS OF A ONCE GREAT CITY!!!!! HAS JUST GONE TO SH22T!!!

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