A Discussion On The Need To End Qualified Immunity

Darlene McDay and Katerina Siira joined AJ Woodson and Robert ‘Dr. Bob’ Baskerville to discuss qualified immunity and how ending it will make NY more just and safe! Retired NYPD officer & Author Corey Pegues also joined the conversation.

Darlene McDay knows first-hand the effects of Qualified Immunity and power lawsuits can bring to family members. Her son, Dante Taylor, died by suicide in 2017 at the Wende Correctional Facility near Buffalo and in a lawsuit filed in 2020 alleges his death came after he was beaten by guards. She shares her experience and how Qualified Immunity providing roadblocks in not only getting justice for her son but even simply getting answers.

“Too many families in Westchester have been harmed by Qualified Immunity and the culture of impunity it breeds. We’re building with Westchester and need you to join us get the Bill to End Qualified Immunity passed before June 2nd,” Patrick Schelle, A Community Advocate at Alternatives to Incarceration Coalition shared with Black Westchester.

How can you get involved?

🔸March 18: Sign up for our Virtual Westchester Day of Action on March 18th here

🔸April 9: Come celebrate, learn and build with at the Family Day for Justice in White Plains, they have free ice cream and more things fun things for the whole family. 

You can also pick up your mobile device right now and text “Go EndQINY” to 50409 Ending Qualified Immunity by JUNE 2nd Deadline NYS (S1991 / A4331).