May 28, 2023
Artist Spotlight

914 Spotlight – JCA Releases New Song And Video, Election Day And Has Something To Say

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White Plains rapper JCA releases new single and music video, Election Day shouting out out Black Westchester, Justice For Kenneth Chamberlain Sr, and discusses Black Elected Officials and Black Pastors not doing enough. I gotta say it refreshing to hear a rapper today that has something to say!

Check out the official video for Election Day!

As a confessed Professional Hip-Hop Junkie, I am Hip-Hop snob, yes it’s true. Its refreshing to hear thought provoking lyrics or songs with a message that addresses the issues from one of today’s artists. I come from an era where emcees spit rhymes and had something to say and sometimes even used their platform to speak truth to power. I have to admit I am usually ready to slam and dismiss current mainstream rap. But I am always thrilled to have the opportunity to point out where the good contemporary Hip-Hop can be found and expose underground jewels that dropped after the turn of the millennium.

With that said it is my pleasure to introduce or re-introduce our audience to JCA. He is official and the subject of our latest 914 Spotlight. Now to be honest it never hurts giving Black Westchester a shout out. They say you know you are official when you get shouted out in a dope hip-hop track. But just a shout out wont get you mentioned in Black Westchester. You have to have skills and something to say. Like one of my Hip-Hop Heroes and friend Chuck D, always said, “I don’t rhyme for the sake of riddling,” on his hit single, ‘Don’t Believe the Hype’ of the ‘It Take A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back,’ in 1988, JCA has lyrics and uses his platform to address the issues. That gets props and a Black Power Fist in the air from BW.

Some Black Westchester readers may remember the Faith-based Hip-Hop Artist, Producer and Engineer from, “Abuse of Power (Please Just Leave Me Alone),” a powerful musical message about abuse of power, racism & police brutality that addresses the killing of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., at the hands of the White Plains Police.

“They say that having influence is not only powerful; it’s valuable. JCA is showing just how valuable his power is by using his platform to bring awareness to the extrajudicial killings and summary executions of our loved ones,” Kenneth Chamberlain Jr shares with Black Westchester. “Since music is universal it is my hope that even if people can’t hear why there must be changes in policing from families that are impacted maybe they will hear it through JCA’s music.”

Black Westchester salutes and proudly showcases JCA, an emcee who knows the power of his pen and uses it to speak truth to power, call out police criminality and to affect change in his community.

About JCA: JCA graduated from Mercy College with a Bachelor of Science in Music Technology. He has been featured on Channel 12, Public Access TV, Westchester Magazine, White Plains Times and The Journal News. As an up and coming faith-based Hip-Hop artist, he openly gives back to his community through numerous teen summits, youth workshops, local performances, and has inspired other artists  as a recording artist, producer and engineer in the studio.

For more information on JCA check out his website and follow him on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Checkout his latest Music Videos at and

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