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Starting In September, The $5 Taxi Ride Will Be History In Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon – Following a request from the Mount Vernon Taxi Commission President Lenworth Williams, the Board of Estimate and Contract approved a new fare limit that will allow taxi companies in the city to charge $1 more per ride.

Mayor Richard William Thomas and City Councilwoman Lisa Adele Copeland authorized a $1 increase to the flat-rate taxi fare for trips within Mount Vernon making it a $6 ride starting Sept. 10. The increase was approved at the city’s Board of Estimate and Contract meeting yesterday. The city regulates taxi fares inside its limits.

They felt the need was necessary because the city’s taxi industry, hasn’t received an increase in seven years. For rides outside the city, charges vary from cab company to cab company. With Lyft and Uber in town, the taxi companies are also feeling competitive pressure on the fares they can charge.

It’s expected the new rate will cause taxi companies, such as Reliable and New Line to increase the #quality of service. In most lines of work, improved quality can generate more business, either by attracting more customers or repeat business from the same customers.

On Tuesday, September 4, 2018. there will be a forum at 7:00PM inside the city council chambers to discuss the rate increase.

I urge those that use the cab company to attend and voice your concerns regarding the CONDITIONS of the cars and inadequate e service.

City Council chambers is located on the second floor of Mount Vernon City Hall.


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