June 7, 2023
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18 Complete 3rd Annual Free OSHA 30 Training Class at Mount Vernon Public Library

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Mt. Vernon NY – The Mount. Vernon Public Library (MVPL) in collaboration with JOMIDA Associates completed its 3rd annual OSHA 30 CLASS, free to the public. The four-day, 8-hour sessions ended on Saturday, April 15, 2023, with 18 attentive participants.

The OSHA30 course was taught by Jonathan M. Davis, who is the president of JOMIDA Associates. Davis is a certified OSHA trainer, and environmental & safety consultant that has worked in the industry over 30 years.

The authorized 30-hour course consists of OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) industry safety standards in order to work in potentially hazardous environments.

“It is the mission of the library to provide knowledge that can be applied to life goals and careers. We are a free institution that gives everyone an opportunity to advance, regardless of their background or economic status,” MVPL Director Timur Davis shares with Black Westchester.

OSHA 30 training is a basic requirement in the field to create an environment of safety. Industry safety training, is not only best practice but it is necessary to prevent unwanted, unwarranted and costly accidents. In an effort to avoid exorbitant fees, most larger construction sites and mixed funding sites require OSHA certification of their employees.

When asked why he would teach this course for free, Jonathan Davis responded,

“This is actually job readiness training. Unemployment and underemployed hit Black & brown communities the hardest. Knowing this, we must do our part to make sure that when opportunity knocks our people are ready to take it.  It’s a way for us to expand employability and not be denied.”

The organizing of this 4-day course was a team effort. Cathy Webb, Director of Communication and Outreach at the Mount Vernon Public library was a driving force in the outreach effort. The participants came eager to learn and were enthusiastic. They not only learned workplace safety but the “soft skills” such work ethics, goal setting, time management, conflict resolution are included.

The class was visited by a variety local politicians and businessmen who provided words of encouragement including, County Legislator Tyrae Woodson-Samuels, Mayor Shawyn Patterson Howard, Former Mayor André Wallace and businessman and entrepreneur Jamie Dickerson. Davis thanked two of his former students, Elliot Agosto and Philippe Charles Fils-Aime who have gone on to achieve stellar careers in the construction/safety industry. He also acknowledged the City of Mount Vernon Youth Bureau’s Debbie Burrell-Butler, Jaden Noel, Cydnee Bayless and Lloyd Shields for their contribution. 

The participants expressed their appreciation for not only receiving a wealth of knowledge but being a part of a spirited and lively class. One student said, “this man is a walking, talking book of knowledge and understanding.”

“All of the students passed the exam and will receive their OSHA 30 certification cards. We commend these participants for sacrificing their time, week-end pleasures and plans in exchange for sitting through long hours of studying and learning. The class motto was ‘No OSHA 30 man left behind,’ and none of them were left behind,” Davis added in closing.

Co-sponsors were Save Mt. Vernon, Ken Bright, and the Oneness Rehoboth Catalyst Class.

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