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Candidates Who Filed Designating Petitions At Westchester Board Of Elections For 2021 Election Cycle

Signatures are turned in, now who will survive the challenge stage?

We have received several calls and emails asking us who is running for what positions, especially in Mount Vernon and Yonkers which probably have some of the most contested elections in the county this year. In Mount Vernon the biggest surprise is that the controversial Comptroller, Deborah Reynolds won’t be running for a second term, the deadline has passed with no submission for her. But there will still be plenty of excitement in that race as four candidates vie for the position including former Mayor Richard W. Thomas and current Council President Marcus A. Griffith.

Its official Councilwoman Lisa A. Copeland is mounting a primary challenge to County Legislator Tyrae Woodson-Samuel as well as former Mount Vernon Clerk George Brown. Then there are 12 – yes you heard me right – 12 candidates running for three seats on the City Council. In Yonkers incumbents running for re-election do not have it much easier. Legislators Christopher Johnson and Jose Alvarado have primary challenges and Ruth Waters will face off with Republican James Nolon in the Tuesday, November 2nd General Election. Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader, Corazon Pineda Issac (District 2) and John Rubbo (District 4) face primary challenges. Republican incumbent Anthony Merante (District) will face off the winner of the Democratic Primary in the General Election. Oh and Councilwomen Shanae V. Williams (District 2) will be challenging County Clerk Tom Idoni. These two municipalities will pretty much be the most watched, covered and publicized elections in the county.

Another race that the county will be watching is the race for Greenburgh Town Supervisor. 16-term incumbent, Paul Feiner faces a primary challenge for Tasha D, Young who is trying to make history as the first African-American, First Woman and First African-American Woman to be elected in that position. If she wins it will be the first time a white man doesn’t hold the position. Vivian McKenzie also is attempting to make history as the the First African-American Women to be elected Mayor of the City of Peekskill. She already made history as first Black Women to be nominated for Mayor of Peekskill. These two women are attempting to be only the second and third Black Women to run a city in Westchester following Shawyn Patterson-Howard’s historic win in the City of Mount Vernon. A lot to watch out for this year as the winners will be tasked with leading a municipality on the road to recovery of this pandemic that turned the world upside-down.

So now as Thursday’s deadline has passed for submission of nominating petitions to the Westchester Board of Elections, and the signatures are all in, we can share a potential list of candidates with you now. Understand, as always there will be challenges. Some candidates won’t survive. Candidates will be challenging their opponents signatures. We will keep in informed as to who remains on the ballot of the Tuesday, June 22nd Democratic Primary, and who will have to pack it in and try again next time. Republican candidates are also listed and labeled separately!

Candidates who filed Designating Petitions at Westchester County Board of Elections for 2021 Election Cycle:

County Executive: George Latimer (Incumbent/ Democratic Nominee, WF), Christine Sculti (Republican)
County Clerk: Tim Idoni (Incumbent) and Shanae V. Williams, Jennifer C. Pagano (Republican), Jennifer Malota (WF)

1st District: Colin D. Smith, Jose A. Torres (Republican)
2nd District: Ericka Lang Pierce, Gina A. Arena (Republican)
3rd District: David W. Vinjamuri, Margret A. Cunzio (Republican)
4th District: Vedat Gashi, Robert S. Brower Jr. (Republican)
5th District: Benjamin Boykin II
6th District: Nancy E. Barr
7th District: Catherine F. Parker
8th District: Alfreda A. Williams
9th District: Catherine A. Borgia, Charles E. Brave (Republican)
10th District: Damon R. Maher, Anthony S. Giacobbe (Republican)
11th District: David Tubiolo
12th District: Terry A. Clements
13th District: Tyrae Woodson-Samuels (Incumbent/ Democratic Nominee), Lisa Copeland and George Brown.
14th District: David Tubiolo
15th District: Ruth Walter (Incumbent), James Nolan (Republican)
16th District: Christopher Johnson (Incumbent/ Democratic Nominee) and Dwanita Crosby.
17th District: Jose Alvarado (Incumbent/ Democratic Nominee), London Reyes and Virginia Perez.

City Comptroller of Mount Vernon: Darren Morton (Democratic Nominee), Richard W. Thomas, Derickson K. Lawrence, and Marcus A. Griffith.
Mount Vernon City Council: Janice Duarte (Incumbent/ Democratic Nominee), Lauren S. Carter (Democratic Nominee, WF), André D. Wallace (Democratic Nominee), Danielle Browne, Gregory Cannata Jr., Edward Poteat, Nicole Lucio, Cathlin B. Gleason, Kim K. Harper, Mark Lenci, Hope K. Marable and Delia M. Farquharson (Incumbent)

Democrats: Yonkers City Council President: (Democrats) Mike Khader (Incumbent), Lakisha Collins Bellamy (D, WF), Peter Spano and Ronald Matten (Republican)
City Council 2nd District: Corazon Pineda Issac (Incumbent, D, WF), Jose Roman, Zafiro Acevedo, Annette Yarber, Ashley Pallano and Cristal Suazo.
City Council 4th District: John Rubbo (Incumbent), Carlos Burgos (D, WF) and Abdulmalik Deumah.
City Council 6th District:  Tim Hodges and Stella Schwuchow, Anthony Merante ( Incumbent/ Republican)

Thomas M. Roach Jr.
City Council: Justin C. Brasch (D, WF), John M. Martin, Richard A. Payne

Town Supervisor:
Paul Feiner (Incumbent, WF) and Tasha D. Young
Town Clerk: Judith A. Beville
Receiver of Taxes: Venita A. Howard
Town Council: Ellen P. Hendrickx (D, WF), Francis X. Sheehan (D, WF)
Town Justice: Bonnie J. Orden

Vivian C. McKenzie, Conor A. Greene (D, WF), Emiliano D. Perez (Republican, Conservative)
City Council: (Democrats) – Vanessa B. Agudelo (D, WF), Dwight H. Douglas, Ramon A. Fernandez, Amy F. Perlow (D, WF), Robert R. Scott, Amy J. Vele (D, WF)
(Republican, Conservative) – Leesther C. Brown, Kenneth C. Gilleo Jr., William J. Moran Jr.,

Town Supervisor:
Maryann Carr (Incumbent), Ellen Z. Calves, Don B. Scott (Republican, Conservative)

[Editor Note:] This is only a partially list in municipalities most of our readers reside. There are also judicial races, but we will cover those in a separate post. We will however update this list after candidates officially make the ballot. We will let you know who survived the signature challenge stage.

We will also interview as many candidates as we can, that are interested in appearing on our Super Tuesday edition on the People Before Politics Radio Show. To schedule an interview email Lorraine Lopez at Candidates interested in advertising email us at for ad rates and editorial calendar.


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