Mount Vernon School of Music 2016 Spring Recital

Mount Vernon — Over two hundred people gathered in the Auditorium of the Rev. Sheldon E. Dole Community Center located at 250 South Sixth Ave, to support the Mount Vernon School Of Music 2016 Spring Recital, featuring performances of the students, Saturday afternoon.

Sitting in the audience it was extremely obvious how music can and does change lives and help refocus our youth.

“The Mount Vernon Music School’s program provides a structured, enriching & safe after school option for children,” Brenda L. Crump and Community Advocate for children tells BW.

One parent spoke at a recent City Council Meeting about how her daughter could not speak a word before attending the MV School of Music and now he wont stop talking. She has now been moved from special ed classes to regular classes.

After the Spring Recital, I spoke to the mother and was amazed of how energetic the young girl was as she played her brother outside the Dole Center. I could not believe it was the same daughter the mother spoke of at the council meeting. That is just one of the many examples how instrumental programs like this one are especially in communities like Mount Vernon, who may not have any exposure to music and the arts had it not been for this program.

13115297_10153511265172411_1519908284_nMaureen Walker the Director of the Mount Vernon Arts Council explained to the audience the every child who has a desire will be given an opportunity to learn. Even those who may not be able to afford it, no child is turned away. She went on to explain many of the parents, who have children in the School Of Music, also sponsor an additional child whose family many not be able to afford it. Then she had a few children come up o stage and introduced them as Andre’s Kids and informed the crowd the Councilman Wallace sponsors five children. That announcement alone had some in the audience and a few elected officials and community leaders like Kenneth Plummer pledge to sponsor a child or two themselves. (click here for a pictorial review of the Spring Recital)

After that announcement, the audience was treated to a guest performance from Mount Vernon Councilman André Wallace on the piano….

Elected officials who came out to show there support included Former Mayor Ernest Davis, County Legislator Lyndon Williams, Councilwoman Roberta Apuzzo each got up and gave greetings and welcomed the crowd for coming out and pledge to support the Mount Vernon School of Music in whatever way they could.

At the end of the 2 plus hour recital, Cathy Webb, the Mistress of Ceremony introduced the MVAC’s newest Board Member, Damon K. Jones, who briefly said a few words.

BW would like to salute the Director Maureen Wilson and Assistant Director Ruby Tolbert and all the instructors for the fine job they are doing in spreading the transformation power of music by providing the highest quality music education experience to all in the community who seek it, because music education should be made available to all children. While this program uses music to educate the youth, it is available to all regardless of age, if you have a desire to learn to play music.

Right now the Mount Vernon School of Music is located in the Rev. Sheldon E. Dole Community Center but they are outgrowing the space and the Mount Vernon Arts Council has been diligently, looking to get a building of its own so they can continue to transform the lives of the youth through music and offer the program to many more students.

For more information on the Mount Vernon School of Music, fees, class settings, etc., check their website, email or call (914) 667-2360