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20 Years In Prison For – The Murder Of Walter Scott! by Danette Chavis

Ex-police officer Michael Slater was sentenced to 20 years in prison, plus two years of supervision after his release, by U.S. District Judge David Norton. The sentence comes two years after the fatal shooting of Walter Scott, who was running away from police after being stopped for a broken tail light. The officer had claimed that Mr. Scott had taken control of his taser and that he “feared for his life”. But the video which recorded the shooting shows Mr. Scott running away from police and being fired upon, striking him 5 times including 3 in the back. The officer then handcuffs him as he lay there bleeding.

The officer who had been trained against the use of lethal force, not only murdered the father of four as he was running away from him, but lied accusing the victim of taking control of his taser and “fearing for his life”. Then he stood before the judge and the victims family in court and claimed that he wished that he could “go back in time and change the events” calling it “a very tragic situation” – not an outright murder he himself committed! He claimed to be “taking responsibility for the actions of April 4th 2015” without claiming he himself caused it, or admitting that lies that were told in an attempt to justify those actions after they had been taken. But all the same expects some leniency for the “guilty” plea he’s entered into court.

The truth is, his pleading “guilty” to violating Walter Scotts civil rights, was agreed to in exchange for state prosecutors “dropping their case” against him after the murder trial ended in a hung jury – for which if convicted could result in 30 years in prison. So he pleads guilty at the federal level regarding a civil rights violation and receives 20 years instead. The family of Walter Scott calls it justice and say that history has been made concerning it. I see a “repeated” history, one of cops murdering the unarmed, lying about it, and a system that aids them in avoiding the penalty rightfully owed!

Danette L Chavis – National Action Against Police Murder!!


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