May 28, 2023
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Letter To The Editor: 104 Highland Ave Elevator Broken In Yonkers

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To The Editors of Black Westchester
My name is Tonia Conner-Mitchell and I am writing to you with my concerns about my daughters apartment building as the elevator has been out of service since April, 2020.  I have reached out to Alma Realty Management about this issue and they stated ” The elevator is fixed, they are waiting for the Building Inspector from Yonkers to come and inspect the elevator”. I then contacted Shanae Williams (City Council Member). Shanae looked into the issue and explained to me that the information that Alma Realty gave me was false. 

My daughter Kiyona Conner recently broke her ankle. In order for me to get my daughter to the hospital (she lives on the 6th floor) 10/26 she had to hop up 2 flights of steps to the roof. Once on the roof she had to cross the roof to the adjoining building, hop down 2 more flights of steps and use the elevator to go to the basement to exit.

My daughter had surgery and was released from the hospital 10/28. 

So yesterday 10/28 after I got my daughter ACROSS THE ROOF AGAIN and safely in her apartment, I was able (with the help of YSM and friends) to knock on the 34 Apartment doors in 104 Highland Ave. What I found was unbelievable and made me angry and cry all at the same time. I spoke to a young man who was on his way up to his grandmother’s house. He explained to me that his grandmother is in a wheelchair (diabetic who has had her leg amputated) He went on to explain that he must carry his grandmother up and down the steps and his brother carries  her wheelchair. I spoke to another tenant who stated she called City Hall and the landlord several times and received no response. This same tenant explained to me that her neighbor is blind and she has seen her struggle up and down the steps as well. She stated that she helps her when she can.

There are several newborn and little children who live in the building whose parents explained the difficulties that they are facing as well. There was also another tenant who stated he had back surgery and finds it very hard to walk up and down the steps. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! 

The elevator has been out of service since April!! Due to me inquiring on the behalf of my daughter I have found out that 
A. An application for a permit was submitted by the building to fix the elevator 
B. The application was not filled out properly so the permit was not granted.
C. The permit was finally granted to the building 10/27.

What I don’t know is when the actual application was filed by Alma Management company. 

What I also know is
A. Alma management company has stated that the elevator is fixed and they were just waiting for the City Building Inspector to come….FALSE!!! They just received a permit to start fixing the elevator!!!
B. The City Of Yonkers was notified by several tenants of the issue of the elevator being out of service….TRUE!!! I have names of the tenants who stated that they called.
C. April to now nothing has been done to fix this elevator. I CAN NOT wait to see what Alma Management company is going to do. Clearly they have not been in contact with City Hall as they would have been told their application is WRONG! Clearly they have no care or concerns for the tenants of this building otherwise the elevator would have been fixed expeditiously.

I am humbly asking Black Westchester to shed some light on this issue. Thank you for listening.

Tonia Conner

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Peter October 30, 2020 at 2:19 AM

You need to get together with fellow shareholders and sue the coop board. The management company works for them.


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